‘The Challenge’: ‘Survivor’ Star Jay Starrett Rumored to Not Return

Fans of Survivor were certainly excited to see Jay Starrett join the cast of MTV’s The Challenge. We first saw him on Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X, and he brought his physical and mental strategies to MTV. Now, it looks like fans might not see him again in future seasons. Here’s what the rumors suggest.

Jay Starrett got his start on ‘Survivor’ before MTV’s ‘The Challenge’

Jay Starrett from MTV's 'The Challenge' and 'Survivor' making a funny face at the camera
Jay Starrett at an event in 2019 | Araya Diaz/Getty Images for Babes For Boobs

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Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X wouldn’t have been the same without Jay. And he took his same energy into MTV’s The Challenge. Prior to Double Agents, he competed on Total Madness and proved he was a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, his luck ran out on Total Madness after he was repeatedly thrown into eliminations.

On Double Agents, Jay went into the game smarter and stronger than ever before, but he still couldn’t pull through. He lost to Leroy Garrett during an elimination that was ultra-close. If Jay went against anyone else in the house, there’s a good chance he would’ve won and possibly made it to the final.

During an interview with Allan Aguirre, Jay explained how The Challenge differs greatly from Survivor, too. “Well, the thing with Survivor is you already kind of know the layout,” Jay explained. “Sometimes they’ll throw you a curveball every now and then, but with The Challenge, the moment that you land, you’re already landing on a curveball. So you’re losing your balance constantly. Every game is different, man.”

Did Jay leave ‘The Challenge’? He might not be back for season 37

When Jay left MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents, it seemed like fans might see him in the future, as he wasn’t giving up the dream of competing on another season. But now, rumors are flying that Jay might not return. Inside Survivor notes Jay was initially supposed to be on season 37, but he’s now been cut.

It seems new Survivor players are joining The Challenge, though. Inside Survivor notes Michele Fitzgerald, the winner of Kaoh Rong and the runner-up of Winners at War, might be the next to join the cast. Wendell Holland, the winner of Ghost Island, and Tommy Sheehan, the winner of Island of the Idols, might also join.

Michaela Bradshaw was on Millennials vs. Gen X with Jay, and it seems she’s also rumored to join The Challenge. Jay made major moves on Survivor to get her kicked off the island, so if they did do a Challenge season together, that could get dicey.

Jay’s talent agency did not return a request for comment by the time of publication.

What does Jay from ‘The Challenge’ do for a living?

So, if Jay isn’t joining season 37 of MTV’s The Challenge, what is he up to? Prior to going on Survivor, CBS notes Jay was in real estate. But it’s safe to say he could likely make a living as an influencer or reality TV star. He’s also made past appearances on Ex on the Beach thanks to his association with Morgan Willett, who’s now dating Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio, a Challenge legend.

Jay seems to have a few sponsorships, too. He’s posted about Cremo, a men’s grooming company, to his Instagram. “I don’t always take roadside showers but when I do I know Cremo’s Distiller Blend will leave me smelling like the trip just started,” he captioned his post about the product on April 12. “So who’s down for a lil roadside cleaning?”

We’re hoping the rumors aren’t true and we’ll see Jay again on the show. We’ll have to wait and see who joins the cast for season 37.

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