‘The Challenge’: Sylvia Elsrode Thinks She Lost ‘Final Reckoning’ Because She Wouldn’t Steal Money

The Challenge finalist Sylvia Elsrode recently admitted that she thinks her and then-teammate Joss Mooney won Final Reckoning in 2018. However, she believes it was rigged because she and Joss would have split the money.

Sylvia Elsrode thinks she and Joss Mooney won ‘The Challenge: Final Reckoning’

Following her elimination from The Challenge: All Stars 3, Sylvia Elsrode appeared on Episode 295 of the Challenge Mania podcast, hosted by Treehouse ally and multi-season champ Derrick Kosinski.

After talking about her comeback to reality competition TV following a four-year break, she spoke about her near-win in Final Reckoning (2018).

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The Real World alum admitted she still believes she and teammate Joss Mooney won. However, Sylvia thinks they weren’t awarded the victory because production knew that she and Mooney wouldn’t have stolen from each other and opted to split the prize money.

Additionally, she didn’t understand how they lost because she thought the two were still ahead when they had two grenades, or penalty, used against them, adding, “there’s no way.” The reality star hinted at the finale being rigged, noting she didn’t think anything would have changed who “they” wanted to win the season.

Ashley Mitchell infamously stole the money in ‘Final Reckoning’

After a medical disqualification from Vendettas, Sylvia returned for her third season Final Reckoning, partnered with Mooney as the two friends previously had a falling out when he voted her into an elimination.

She had her best performance with him as the two eliminated formidable opponents, Derrick Henry and Tori Deal, as well as Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio and Tony Raines, on their way to the finals. The fastest team to complete a series of timed checkpoints wins.

However, each group had a grenade or penalty they could use against someone else. Two teams activated it against Joss and Sylvia, the most out of anyone. Even so, they placed second with a time of 69 minutes and 43 seconds, edged out by Ashley Mitchell and Hunter Barfield by 40 seconds.

Before the finale began, host TJ Lavin announced that each person was also timed, and whoever had the fastest time on the winning team decided if they wanted to split the million prize or keep it all for themselves. Ashley infamously kept the money because of Hunter’s treatment of her during the season.

Sylvia returned to ‘The Challenge’ after a four-year break for ‘All Stars 3’

Following the conclusion of Final Reckoning, Sylvia stepped away from the reality TV competition community for four years before returning to Paramount+ hosted spinoff, The Challenge: All Stars 3.

She quickly aligned with friend Kailah Casillas, which expanded to the rest of their room, including Jemmye Carroll, Roni Chance, Tina [Barta] Bridges, Veronica Portillo, Derrick, and herself – as the Treehouse alliance.

The group managed to keep themselves safe by guaranteeing one of them made it into The Authority, which initially included the top three female and male finishers in the daily missions. The Authority determines who goes into elimination to battle the everyday challenge loser.

But, it became more complicated when the Authority only included the top male and females. After the group successfully got Kendal [Sheppard] Darnell out of the house, they set their sights on KellyAnne Judd. However, she won a daily mission and didn’t hesitate to throw in Sylvia. Not wanting to face Jonna Mannion in a puzzle, she called out Nia Moore, who swiftly eliminated her.

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