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During The Challenge: All-Stars episode 3, the OG cast members competed in a staple Melt Away challenge. Nehemiah Clark’s team lost, earning him a spot in elimination, and he called out Teck Holmes, who trashed talked him during the competition. According to the episode, Nehemiah narrowly beat Teck, sending him home. However, another competitor revealed Teck initially won until the producers realized they both missed a piece.

TV personality Teck Holmes arrives at Cartoon Network Hall of Game Awards
TV personality Teck Holmes arrives at Cartoon Network Hall of Game Awards | Michael Buckner/WireImage

What happened during ‘The Challenge: All Stars’ episode 3

Following Trishelle Cannatella’s elimination, the competitors teamed up for the next daily mission, a variation of a staple Melt Away challenge. The OG players had to use their bodies, including any fluids, to melt a giant block of ice to retrieve shields that contained the names of previous seasons.

After uncovering all the shields, the first team to correctly place them in chronological order won. Although Jemmye Carroll, a self-proclaimed superfan, knew the sequence, Alton Williams broke a couple of shields, giving them a ten-minute time penalty.

As a result, the silver team won, with captain Kendal Sheppard earning the lifesaver. However, Nehemiah Clark, the losing team’s captain, had to compete in elimination.

Because Teck Holmes trash-talked him during the competition, he called out The Real World: Hawaii star.

Nehemiah Clark eliminated Teck Holmes

During deliberation, Teck volunteered himself, knowing everyone planned on saying his name. Afterward, Kendal entertained the possibility of using the lifesaver to throw in Eric “Big Easy” Banks.

None of the guys wanted her to use it because they didn’t know what would happen and didn’t want to find themselves in the second guys’ elimination. Ultimately, the uncertainty of what would happen if she used it prevented her from doing so, resulting in a Nehemiah and Teck face-off.

For their elimination, the two had to smash out the same number of relatively colored tiles. While it seems pretty straightforward, they had first to eat two of the “world’s hottest peppers,” Carolina Reapers.

The competitors finished within seconds of each other, but Nehemiah ended up pulling it out, eliminating the Challenge 2000 finalist.

Jemmye Carroll claims Teck initially won

Before the elimination, Jemmye felt torn because she wanted to keep Teck, someone she found hilarious, and Nehemiah, her “Challenge boyfriend,” for a little while longer.

Therefore, she attempted to convince Kendal to use the lifesaver to blindside Big Easy. Additionally, during the episode 3 official aftershow with The Challenge star Devyn Simone, Jemmye noted she didn’t want Teck to volunteer himself for elimination because she planned on voting in The Gauntlet III finalist.


‘The Challenge: All Stars’: Who Went Home During Episode 3?

Following the episode, Jemmye revealed in her weekly Patreon recap that Teck initially won the elimination. However, Darrell Taylor reportedly noticed the two both missed a piece and pointed it out.

When the producers made the competitors return for the final part, Nehemiah edged out Teck, becoming the actual winner. Jemmye commented on an Instagram spoiler account, writing, “Team Teck over everybody despite how they chose to edit the episode.” The Challenge: All-Stars airs Thursdays on Paramount+.