‘The Challenge 36’: Theresa Jones Faced off in Elimination With an Injury

Considered one of the strongest competitors in the franchise, Theresa Jones returned for The Challenge 36 after a 10-season break. However, her move to blindside the house backfired, making her a target. As a result, she found herself in an elimination where she lost. Following the episode, other competitors Amber Martinez and Big T Fazakerley revealed the veteran faced off in the elimination with an injury.

General atmosphere during The Challenge XXX: Ultimate Fan Experience
General atmosphere during The Challenge XXX: Ultimate Fan Experience | Lars Niki

Theresa Jones became a house target in ‘The Challenge 36’

After a six-year break, veteran Theresa Jones returned to the competition series for its 36th season, Double Agents. Partnered with two-time competitor Jay Starrett, the two physically proved themselves a team to beat by winning a mission closely resembling a final.

However, they didn’t handle the power of double agents well as they promised nearly everyone they wouldn’t blindside them.

Jay told Kyle Christie he would give him a heads-up while Theresa seemingly gave his partner, Kam Williams, the option of going into elimination.

Without informing the team, Theresa and Jay sent them in against Ashley Mitchell and Cory Wharton, hoping Killa Kam would eliminate their target, Ashley. Although it worked, the shady move relegated the duo to the bottom.

Theresa competed against Kaycee Clark with an injury

Immediately following their win, the team found themselves in an elimination where Starrett went home. As a result, she teamed up with Cory for one mission before Kam got her revenge and made sure Theresa ended up in the Crater the following week.

Big Brother 20 winner and two-time competitor Kaycee Clark informed the then-double agents that she wanted to face off against the veteran to earn her gold skull.

The ladies then went head-to-head in Snapping Point, where Kaycee seemingly dominated the strong veteran. However, co-competitors Amber Martinez and Big T Fazakerley revealed Theresa competed in the challenge with an injury during a recap of the episode.

According to the ladies, the seven-time player hurt her shoulder while participating in the All Brawl mission and re-aggravated it when she fell into the water during the trivia challenge.

They also explained they felt bad watching the elimination because Theresa frequently groaned in pain due to her injury. Additionally, Amber noted the veteran placed her elbow and knee pads under the hardness for padding in the middle of the elimination.

Although Big T recognized Kaycee as a “beast,” she also admitted she didn’t know how it would’ve turned out had Theresa not sustained the injury.

Theresa emotionally retired from ‘The Challenge’

Following her elimination, Theresa confirmed she would not likely not return for another season, even though she’s “super happy” she chose to come back for Double Agents.

While becoming emotional, the seven-time player explained she couldn’t keep coming back because she “loves my life too much.” Theresa ended her exit interview by noting she “can’t wait” to reunite with her family before giving one last tear-filled goodbye.


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Many fans enjoyed watching the veteran compete on the show for several years and admitted they would miss the strong competitor, especially after the bold move she pulled this season.

Shortly before the episode with her elimination aired, the Battle of the Exes II finalist announced she and her family are currently expecting another addition. The Challenge 36 airs Wednesdays at 8/7 Central on MTV.