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Over 15 years ago, Tina Barta memorably punched Beth Stolarczyk in the face during The Duel, resulting in her disqualification. For the first time since then, Tina will return to the franchise as a full-time cast member for spinoff, The Challenge: All-Stars 2. In a recent interview with Mike Lewis, the heavy hitter detailed what led up the notorious altercation between her and Beth.

Reality TV Personality Beth Stolarczyk attends OK! Magazine's annual pre-Oscar event
‘The Challenge’ star, Beth Stolarczyk | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Tina Barta notoriously punched Beth Stolarczyk during ‘The Challenge: The Duel’

After appearing in two finals, Tina Barta last competed in The Challenge: The Duel (2006) as a cast member. However, she was disqualified following a couple of episodes due to a physical altercation with veteran Beth Stolarczyk.

Almost immediately after late Diem Brown’s inspiring moment when she removed her wig during a mission, the ladies got into a heated exchange. It’s unclear what started the argument, but Beth approached Tina, insisting the returning finalist “charged her.”

The Real World star then asked her co-star not to bump her again, to which Tina responded by repeatedly demanding Beth walk away from her. When the veteran challenged her, Tina punched Beth in the face, resulting in her immediate disqualification.

At the time, the two-time finalist insisted she didn’t regret her choice, deeming it worth losing out on another shot at the grand prize.

She recently detailed what led up to the memorable punch

15 years after the infamous punch, Tina explained what led up to that moment in an interview with Mike Lewis. She claimed the tension between them bubbled beneath the surface for two years prior until that moment.

According to the finalist, Beth’s “thirstiness and attention” for the camera got under her skin, and she felt the Real World star had a habit of victimizing herself.

Classifying her former co-star as a “Karen,” Tina said she doesn’t get along with people like that and can only take so much “before I lose it.”

When it came to the incident, she explained the group had already concluded to let Diem win but claimed Beth disagreed, which irritated her. She then admitted she “body checked” the reality star off-camera and thought Beth would keep it that way. However, the reality star felt she brought attention to it by repeatedly calling her name when Beth approached her.

They were supposed to meet again during ‘The Challenge: All Stars’

Even though Tina has yet to return to the franchise, she claims she didn’t get blacklisted due to the physical altercation, as she has since received availability calls.

Reportedly, she and Beth were supposed to compete again together during the first season of The Challenge: All Stars. However, Tina revealed during the interview that she caught COVID-19 and couldn’t return.


‘The Challenge’ Legend Tina Barta Says She Doesn’t ‘Regret’ Punching Beth Stolarczyk

Beth already spoke about it in a Mar. 2021 episode with The Challenge Mania podcast, calling the situation “karma” for Tina punching her in the face.

Tina responded to her comments in the interview, calling Beth a “narcissist” for making it about her. Regardless of their past, the two-time finalist expressed a willingness to move on because she believes people change over time. The Challenge: All Stars 2 airs Nov. 11 on Paramount+.