‘The Challenge’: Tori Deal Admits She Handled Breakup ‘Poorly’ but Denies Cheating on Jordan Wiseley

The Challenge alum Jemmye Carroll recently made claims about Tori Deal and Jordan Wiseley’s split in a Patreon video. Tori quickly hopped on Instagram Live to clarify the rumors that she cheated on her ex with Fessy Shafaat.

Jordan Wiseley and Tori Deal of ''The Challenge'
Actor Jordan Wiseley attends The Museum of Selfies Grand Opening; Tori Deal attend the Star’s Scene Stealers event at Kola House | CJ Rivera; Tiffany Rose/Getty Images

Jemmye Carroll claimed Tori Deal went on vacation with Fessy Shafaat while engaged

The Challenge alum Jemmye Carroll has teased that she had undisclosed information surrounding veterans Tori Deal and Jordan Wiseley’s split for a few months.

In a Dec. 2021 video posted to her Patreon, The Real World star claimed Tori hadn’t ended her engagement before vacationing with co-star Fessy Shafaat in Turks and Caicos. She continued, claiming Jordan found out about the trip through social media and confronted his then-fianceé about it.

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According to Jemmye, the Are You the One? star admitted she made a mistake and wanted to work on their relationship, but Jordan reportedly refused to take her back.

The New Orleans native also claimed Tori demanded her ex pay her $5,000 to leave, which he supposedly agreed to so she would move out sooner. Shortly after Jemmye’s post, The Challenge veteran responded to the “bunch of lies” in the video.

Tori publicly denied the allegations

In an Instagram Live, Tori detailed the timeline of her breakup with Jordan to the now infamous Turks and Caicos trip. She explained her then-fianceé ended their relationship on Oct. 6, 2020, after she returned home from filming season 36’s Double Agents.

After staying with a friend and her family, the 28-year-old explained she briefly returned so they could carry out a contract together before entirely moving in with her mother by Nov. 1. The three-time finalist denied Jemmye’s report that Jordan paid her to leave, instead insisting he gave her money for furniture she purchased for their place.

She also noted she and Fessy vacationed together almost two months after the breakup in December. As the veteran hung out with her co-star in Turks and Caicos only a week after the announcement, she can understand why people feel she didn’t handle the breakup correctly.

Additionally, Tori admitted she’s “not proud” of her actions either, noting it cost her a friendship with Jordan, but adamantly denies cheating on her ex. She later posted a screenshot of a text message exchange with the three-time champ in which he backs her story of not cheating, calling it “very badly timed.”

She and Fessy vacationed in Turks and Caicos following ‘The Challenge 36’

Newcomer Fessy revealed his attraction for Tori during The Challenge 36 but noted he hadn’t explored anything with her due to her then engagement to Jordan.

The Big Brother 20 star claimed he thought the two shared a “genuine connection” in a confessional, but seemingly nothing romantic happened while filming. Shortly after it wrapped in Oct. 2020, many fans wondered if Tori and Jordan as it seemed she moved out of their house.

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Additionally, pictures of the veteran with Fessy in Turks and Caicos began circulating on social media of the couple hanging out at a bar. Fans also believed they heard Tori rapping in the background while Fessy went Live on Instagram from the resort.

They later admitted to the vacation but didn’t pursue a romantic relationship with each other. Both have returned for season 37’s Spies, Lies, and Allies, where they have had their own romances. The Challenge airs Wednesdays on MTV.