‘The Challenge’: Tori Deal Says Josh Martinez Tried to Hook up With a Veteran During Season 35

Big Brother winner Josh Martinez has flirted with several of his co-stars throughout his four-season Challenge career. However, many of his interactions haven’t made the episodes. After Josh tried to shoot his shot at his teammate during Double Agents, veteran Tori Deal revealed another attempted hookup that didn’t air last season in the official Challenge podcast.

Josh Martinez competes in Big Brother's HOH Competition "Sugar Shot"
Josh Martinez competes in Big Brother’s HOH Competition “Sugar Shot” | Sonja Flemming

Tori Deal and Josh Martinez first competed on ‘War of the Worlds 2’ together

Are You the One? 4 star Tori Deal made her debut in Dirty 30, where she made it to the finals as a rookie, earning $15,000. After a forgettable performance in Final Reckoning and a newfound relationship with Jordan Wiseley, she took a season-long break.

During her absence, Big Brother 19 champ Josh Martinez debuted on The Challenge for War of the Worlds.

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Although initially purged out of the competition during the first episode, he returned as a replacement before getting eliminated shortly later.

Tori and Josh returned for War of the Worlds 2, both representing Team USA. However, she swapped and joined the UK group soon before Jordan sent the BB winner home. They both returned for Total Madness and Double Agents but never worked together.

Josh often flirts with female competitors

During Josh’s original season, he flirted with his partner, Are You the One? 3 star Amanda Garcia. While lying in her bed one night, he shot his shot, but the veteran turned him down.

In his third season, Total Madness, the BB champ, and U.K. pageant queen Melissa Reeves had a short-lived romance that didn’t make any episodes. However, they talked about it during the reunion.

Unaired footage revealed the two gave each other massages, cuddled in bed, and shared a kiss. Even though they both noted they were physically attracted to each other, nothing came of it as she apparently forgot about their interaction.

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Additionally, Melissa didn’t care for his kissing, giving it a “negative two” because she felt he used too much tongue. Josh returned for Double Agents and ended up partnered with close friend and ally Nany González.

During the Feb. 24 episode, he began flirting with her, but she also rejected him as she considers him a brother.

Tori says Josh asked for a sexual favor from Aneesa Ferreira

Following the episode, fan-favorite Big T Fazakerley joined Tori for the official podcast, Challenged, to unpack the drama and reveal background information that didn’t make the edit.

When it comes to Josh flirting with his partner, Tori admitted it didn’t “surprise” her because he’s a “certified lover boy.” The veteran then shared a story from Total Madness, explaining he became very drunk one night, so she and Aneesa Ferreira rubbed his stomach to help him feel better.

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While they comforted him, Tori revealed he asked the 14-time competitor for a sexual favor, shocking them. Big T seemingly confirmed, calling him a “massive horn dog.”

Additionally, veterans Kyle Christie and Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio have previously noted Josh flirts with someone every season, although it doesn’t always make the final cut. The Challenge 36 airs Wednesdays at 8/7 Central on MTV.