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The Challenge veteran Amanda Garcia recently accused season 37’s runner-up Tori Deal of “using” her friendship with Aneesa Ferreira and talking badly about the veteran behind her back. Tori responded to the rumors in an Instagram story.

Tori Deal and Aneesa Ferreira pose for 'The Challenge: Total Madness' cast photos
‘The Challenge’ veterans, Tori Deal and Aneesa Ferreira | MTV

Amanda Garcia claimed Tori Deal ‘uses’ her friendship with Aneesa Ferreira

Around The Challenge: Total Madness (2020), veterans Tori Deal and Aneesa Ferreira established a close friendship. Shortly later, the two then began hosting the official podcast for the show.

They have since returned for a couple of seasons together, where Tori and Aneesa haven’t hidden their strong alliance. Following the finale, veteran Amanda Garcia, who has frequently voiced her disdain for Tori, appeared on the most winningest player Johnny “Bananas” podcast.

During the Dec. 16 episode, she detailed why she didn’t like Tori and exposed the veteran for faking her friendship with Aneesa. According to Amanda, the Are You the One? 4 star spoke ill of the longtime veteran following her early exit from The Challenge 37.

Additionally, Amanda referred to Tori as a “chameleon” as she believes she adapts her personality to those around her and accused the three-time finalist of “using” Aneesa.

Tori clapped back at the rumors on her Instagram story

While Amanda made several remarks about Tori, the season 37 runner-up only responded to her claims of “using” Aneesa. In an Instagram story posted a day later, she denied talking badly about her friend.

She insisted she “loved” her and tagged the longtime veteran in her post, apologizing to her that others were “attacking” their relationship. Additionally, Tori claimed she thought those spreading the rumors were doing so in hopes to split up the friends.

The New York native then called out Amanda for being hypocritical as she claimed the two amicably shared a room during the recent season, Spies, Lies, and Allies. She also wondered why she had to defend her friendships. Alongside the video, Tori wrote, “I’m so over this s—, guys.” She then asked the viewers to “let me celebrate my second-place medal in peace.”

In her final slide, the veteran explained she only wants to “work hard,” support her friends and family, and learn and grow from her wrongdoings. Therefore, she isn’t interested in entertaining “outside drama.” However, the 28-year-old felt the need to respond because she’s “tired of biting my tongue.”

She recently eliminated Amanda before placing second on ‘The Challenge 37’

After meeting on Dirty 30, Tori and Amanda haven’t crossed paths on another season until Spies, Lies, and Allies.

They stayed out of each other’s way for the most part until Amanda made it clear she planned to infiltrate the dominant Emerald team. Attempting to add chaos to the winning group, she revealed Josh Martinez gave her permission to take Tori’s spot, upsetting the veteran.


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The information seemingly hurt their friendship, and Amanda followed through with her plan. Toward the end of the competition, the competitors had to prove themselves once more.

Amanda received the most votes to go into a sudden elimination, and she got the chance to pick her opponent, emotionally deciding on Tori, who took her out right before the finals. The Challenge airs Wednesdays on MTV.