‘The Challenge’: Trishelle Cannatella Hints at Never Returning for ‘All Stars’

Successful spinoff The Challenge: All Stars is rumored to begin filming its fourth season next month. However, Trishelle Canatella most likely won’t return, if at all.

Trishelle Cannatella might never return for another ‘All Stars’ season

According to popular spoiler accounts, filming for The Challenge: All Stars 4 is slated to begin in January 2023. One fan asked known spoiler GamerVev if Trishelle Cannatella would return, and the user admitted she probably wouldn’t.

The Real World star jumped in the conversation and claimed she would “consider” returning if MTV “paid me what I’m worth” and cast more “charismatic” and entertaining players who she would want to compete with and make good TV.

When asked which competitors she would prefer to play with, Trishelle answered Battle of the Seasons champ Coral Smith, The Inferno winner Timmy Beggy, two-time winner Mark Long, The Gauntlet winner Adam Larson, three-time champ Veronica Portillo, two-time winner Wes Bergmann, Battle of the Exes 2 champ Sarah Rice, two-time winner Susie Meister, Battle of the Sexes 2 champ Dan Setzler, one-time finalist Ellen Cho, two-time finalist Tina Barta, and veteran Jisela Delgado.

“All Challenge people before 2002,” she summed it up.

Trishelle wants the show to cast more interesting people

Someone else wondered why viewers keep seeing the same cast members instead of other OGs who haven’t competed in years, and Trishelle admitted she didn’t understand either.

“There are so so many hilarious, super interesting, dramatic, crazy, full of personality, older RW/RR cast members that don’t get calls,” she noted.

She also noted many of the OG castmates she wants to return don’t receive availability calls and don’t seem to be in consideration. Another one asked for vintage Trishelle to return, and she claimed she could compete in another final.

However, she doesn’t want to play with “the most boring people I’ve ever met” and without her phone. The Real World star clarified it was easier to compete in her early 20s without the outside world but finds it more difficult now as she’s not friends with other cast members.

Trishelle’s Challenge run began in 2003

In 2002, Trishelle made her reality TV debut on The Real World: Las Vegas before getting cast on the competitive spinoff, The Challenge, for its seventh season, The Gauntlet.

She won an elimination before getting sent home an episode later. Trishelle returned for The Inferno but was quickly eliminated after four episodes. She competed in Battle of the Seasons on Team Las Vegas, where she went to her first finals, finishing second and walking away with $25,000.


‘The Challenge’: Katie Cooley Thinks Friendship With Trishelle Cannatella Has ‘Run Its Course’

The reality star last competed on Rivals 2 alongside Sarah Rice but quit by episode 3. Trishelle never returned to the flagship series after she unceremoniously left.

Nearly 10 years later, she came back for the spinoff All Stars. However, she didn’t have a good experience as she and Katie Cooley ended their longrunning friendship, and she went home by the second episode. The Challenge 38: Ride or Dies is currently airing Wednesdays on MTV.