‘The Challenge USA’: Alyssa Lopez Clarifies ‘Revenge’ Storyline Against the Cookout

The Cookout made history during Big Brother 23 when the all-black six-person alliance advanced to the end, with a mission of getting the first Black winner in the American franchise. Alyssa Lopez was on the outside of it and realized Xavier Prather, who she attached her game to, never truly played with her. Therefore, she wanted revenge when they returned for The Challenge: CBS. In a recent interview, Alyssa clarified the storyline and revealed if she and Xavier are currently on good terms.

Alyssa Lopez turned on Xavier Prather during ‘The Challenge: USA’ episode 4

Big Brother 23 stars Alyssa Lopez and Kyland Young won the trivia challenge in The Challenge: USA episode 4, giving them the power to throw in a pair to face that week’s losers, Justine Ndiba and David Alexander, in elimination.

As Alyssa wanted to exact revenge on Xavier Prather for playing her during Big Brother, as well as Kyland, who the recent winner turned on at the final four, the team wanted to take their shot at him.

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With the support of other players behind them, they took their opportunity, which resulted in his and partner Shan Smith’s (Survivor) elimination.

Following the episode, Alyssa appeared on the official MTV’s The Challenge podcast to discuss it and clarify her “revenge plot” storyline.

Alyssa clarified her ‘revenge’ storyline against The Cookout members

She explained she began plotting against The Cookout members, an alliance including players Azah Awasum, Tiffany Mitchell, Xavier, and Kyland, who dominated her season of Big Brother, about a week before the competition.

Alyssa continued, noting she teamed up with Derek Xiao beforehand as they were “terrified” to compete again as they finished BB only six months before The Challenge: USA started.

As she realized she would play another game with them, Alyssa admittedly didn’t think she could trust them as she believed they would have each other’s backs over her.

Regarding her decision to turn on Xavier, the Florida native referred to it as a game move, not a choice solely based on revenge.

Are Alyssa and Xavier on good terms after ‘The Challenge: USA?’

At the time, Alyssa and Kyland realized the Minnesota-based lawyer hadn’t teamed up with another strong girl yet and claimed they didn’t know what he would do once in power.

Additionally, Alyssa insists she views getting revenge as a game move and claims there’s “nothing deeper” to it. For her, it came down to feeling the most betrayed by Xavier and not believing she could trust Tiffany due to her status as a master strategist.

When asked if she’s currently on good terms with the BB23 champ, Alyssa admitted the move “upset” him as he thought she turned on him for personal reasons. However, the Florida native pointed out that Xavier recently won Big Brother.

At the same time, she was lied to the whole time, resulting in her not trusting the Minnesota lawyer in the game. While Alyssa noted they have since communicated on and off, she is waiting until episode 4 airs to have another conversation with him. The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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