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The Challenge: USA competitors Tiffany Mitchell and Cashay Proudfoot appeared to have a fallout over her ex, Cinco Holland Jr. Additionally, Cashay claims the two stopped talking, after reconnecting, because she hung out with Tiffany’s rumored love interest, Kyland Young. Afterward, Cashay posted a video of herself giving Kyland a lapdance for his birthday.

Cashay Proudfoot gave Kyland Young a lapdance for his birthday

Shortly after the July 17th episode aired, several The Challenge: USA competitors, including Cashay Proudfoot, Shannon St.Clair, and Kyland Young, hung out in Miami, Florida.

In a 15-second clip, Cashay posted to her Instagram story she gave Kyland a lap dance. At one point, she pushes him back on a lounge chair and continues her dance before the video ends.

In the caption, the former Islander wished the Big Brother 23 star a happy birthday.

Many believe the video is part of a back-and-forth exchange with his rumored love interest and another The Challenge: USA player Tiffany Mitchell and Cashay.

Cashay says she and Tiffany Mitchell stopped talking after she hung out with Kyland

When the season kicked off, Cashay recalled in a series of Instagram stories that she tried to become friends with Tiffany. Although the Big Brother star had a budding romance with Cashay’s ex, Cinco Holland Jr., the two managed to form a friendship in the house, where the former Islander claimed Tiffany consoled her when she had rough days.

However, Cashay claims she began hearing that Tiffany planned to wear lingerie around Cinco to “f*** with my mental” and believed the Favorite Houseguest wanted to target her. Therefore, she says she didn’t care if Tiffany went home but insists she didn’t facilitate the blindside by having conversations with anyone in power.

Additionally, Cashay claimed she wasn’t motivated by “jealousy,” noting others wanted Tiffany gone and found it beneficial for her game. According to the former Islander, the two reconnected after filming and developed a closer relationship until Cashay went to Los Angeles to hang out with other cast members.

The reality TV star claimed that Tiffany called her and threatened to contact Cinco after discovering Kyland’s presence with the group. Cashay says the two haven’t spoken since the conversation. Therefore, many fans think her post giving Kyland a lapdance adds to their current back-and-forth exchange.

Tiffany and Kyland have romantically been linked since ‘Big Brother 23’

After Cashay’s videos and before the lapdance post, Tiffany indirectly responded by uploading a screenshot of her direct message with Desi Williams, in which she denies a few claims.

The reality TV star claimed she didn’t wear lingerie around Cinco and denied using the words she wanted to “mess” with Cashay’s mind. While in the Big Brother house last summer, she and Kyland got close and shared the Head of Household bed a few times.


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Following the season’s conclusion, they seemingly confirmed the “Tiland” rumors when they hung out together in her hometown. The pair broadcasted live on Instagram, where viewers thought they saw flirty tension between the couple.

They also seemed to upload what many considered couple’s photos, several without captions, leading some fans to believe they had begun dating. Others aren’t sure if the two are only “milking” a relationship or starting a romance. She has also been romantically linked with Big Brother: Canada star Jedson Tavernier. The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays on CBS.