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Love Island USA favorite Cashay Proudfoot gave The Challenge: USA co-star Kyland Young a lap dance, causing some fans to think it had something to do with Tiffany Mitchell. Cashay gave an update on her relationship with Kyland and clarified the video in a recent interview.

Cashay Proudfoot explained giving Kyland Young a lap dance

Following the July 13th episode of The Challenge: USA, which featured Tiffany Mitchell’s elimination, Cashay Proudfoot posted a 15-second clip to her Instagram story giving co-star Kyland Young a lap dance.

As Tiffany had a short-lived romance with Cashay’s ex, many fans thought Cashay was trying to get back at her by dancing on her love interest. Although Cashay recognized the optics, she insisted she wasn’t trying to be “petty” in a recent interview with MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast.

The Love Island alum detailed the night, explaining they were partying for Alyssa Lopez’s birthday and wanted to get male strippers. However, the dancers weren’t up to standards, so Cashay took it over, calling it “innocent fun.” She denied intentionally trying to get back at Tiffany, insisting she didn’t take a picture with him to avoid drama.

Even so, Cashay explained that she and Kyland developed a close friendship. Initially, they didn’t get along due to how he talked to her, but she began seeing him differently once he shared that he’s on the autism spectrum. The reality TV personality owned up to drunkenly flirting with Kyland at one point but claims their relationship hasn’t progressed past a friendship.

Cashay previously said her hanging out with Kyland ended her friendship with Tiffany Mitchell

Around the same time as the video upload, Cashay clarified her on-again, off-again friendship with Tiffany in a series of Instagram stories. She claimed they formed a friendship during The Challenge USA, regardless of Tiffany’s relationship with Cinco.

However, Cashay began hearing that Tiffany wanted to “f*** with my mental” by wearing lingerie around her ex and planned to target her. Therefore, she claims she didn’t fight when it came clear that Tiffany would get blindsided into elimination, noting it helped her game.

Cashay said the two reconnected and developed a strong friendship after the competition. However, it reportedly ended when Tiffany reportedly called Cashay while hanging out with other co-stars in Los Angeles. Cashay recalled the Big Brother 23 star got upset when she discovered Kyland’s presence and threatened to hang out with Cinco.

After the conversation, Cashay says the two haven’t spoken since then. Following Cashay’s posts and the lap dance video, Tiffany indirectly responded by posting a screenshot of her direct message with co-star Desi Williams. The reigning Favorite Houseguest claimed she never wore lingerie around Cinco and denied using the phrasing “mess with her mind.” 

Fans have thought Tiffany and Kyland dated since leaving ‘Big Brother 23’

During Big Brother 23, Tiffany and Kyland got close within the Cookout alliance. They flirted heavily at the beginning of the competition, and she seemingly got jealous of Sarah Beth Steagall when the two began spending a lot of time together.

Following Sarah Beth’s eviction, the pair got closer in the house, and he cuddled in the Head of Household bed with her, first fueling the “Tiland” rumors.


‘The Challenge: USA’: Cashay Proudfoot Gave Kyland Young a Lapdance for His Birthday

After the season, the pair caught wind of the potential showmance rumors and began posting about it. They also hung out in her hometown and broadcasted live on Instagram, where many fans think they saw flirty tension between the couple.

While Tiffany and Kyland have teased a romance since exiting the Big Brother house, they haven’t explicitly confirmed or denied the rumors. The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.