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Love Island stars Cely Vazquez and Javonny Vega teamed up during The Challenge: USA but were the first sent home when winning pair Tyson Apostol and Angela Rummans threw them into elimination against losing duo Kyland Young and Azah Awasum. Although the pair didn’t engage in any politicking to stay in the house, Cely claims she tried to kiss Big Brother star, Enzo Palumbo. But, it didn’t go as she expected.

Cely Vazquez says she tried to kiss Enzo Palumbo during ‘The Challenge: USA’

Teammates Cely Vazquez and Javonny Vega were eliminated first from The Challenge: USA.

Even though they didn’t want to “beg” winning pair Tyson Apostol and Angela Rummans for safety, Cely admitted she might have tried to utilize some other skills that weren’t caught on camera.

In an interview with ScreenRant following their exit, the Love Island 2 runner-up revealed she attempted to kiss Enzo Palumbo during their first night out.

“I’m on the wrong show, clearly,” Cely added as it didn’t go how she anticipated. According to Javonny, the two-time Big Brother player told others he wanted to “grab one of these Love Island girls, tonight.” However, he seemed to change his mind when Cely approached him. “I literally went up to him and was like, ‘kiss me,’ and he freaked out,” she recalled.

Javonny Vega and Cely were the first eliminated from ‘The Challenge: USA’

Angela and Tyson won the season’s first challenge and were tasked with nominating a team to face the losing duo of the day, Kyland Young and Azah Awasum.

Not wanting to throw in someone from their original show so early into the season, the pair knew they wanted to nominate a couple consisting of Love Island and The Amazing Race players.

TAR 32 champ James Wallington figured this out, and that he and Shannon St. Clair were the only team with one of each, went to work campaigning.

It worked as Tyson and Angela decided to throw in a duo of two Love Island representatives, Javonny and Cely, seemingly catching them off guard. The pair lost, becoming the first eliminated from the season.

Cely admitted she refused to ‘beg’ to avoid elimination

Additionally, in the exit interview with ScreenRant, Cely admitted she “absolutely” didn’t engage in as much campaigning as James did to the power couple to avoid elimination.

She noted “that man [James] was getting after it” but claimed she knew what she was getting into and refused to “beg.”

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The Love Island fan-favorite pointed out that nearly everyone will likely face elimination “at some point” and thought they would win and earn money in their bank. Cely also said she considered it an opportunity to “prove” themselves because the other competitors were “hating on Love Island” players.

“It just sucks that it didn’t work out in our favor, but we were out there working so freakin’ hard,” she closed. Javonny agreed, adding that he didn’t plan “to kiss ass either, so we were ready to go to war.” The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays on CBS.