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The new CBS spinoff of MTV’s The Challenge certainly has fans of the flagship show talking. The Challenge: USA brings competitors from Big Brother, Love Island, The Amazing Race, and Survivor together to compete for a $500,000 grand prize. So, who heads home in episode 3? Here are The Challenge: USA spoilers for who gets eliminated next.

[Spoiler alert: The Challenge: USA spoilers ahead regarding episode 3 elimination.]

‘The Challenge: USA’ Season 1 Episode 2 showed Tyson fooling Tiffany

Domenick Abbate, Cashay Proudfoot, Kyra Green, Ben Driebergen, Desi Williams, Alyssa Lopez, and Tyson Apostol of 'The Challenge: USA' cast standing together
Cast members from ‘The Challenge: USA’ | Laura Barisonzi/Paramount

The Challenge: USA spoilers for episode 2 revealed Tiffany and Cashel were in trouble. Tiffany had a strong social game with the other Big Brother players, and she was paired with Cashel randomly with “the algorithm” for the second challenge. Unfortunately, Tiffany put a target on her back with some of the other women. Shan and Sarah spoke about how they can’t trust Tiffany, as she began flirting with Cinco for strategic purposes.

For the second daily challenge, teams had to face their fear of heights, collect letters by jumping onto swinging tires, and create as many words with those letters as possible. James and Cayla lose mightily and wind up in the elimination arena. Tyson and Justine pull out a win, giving Tyson his second win of the season and another $5,000 in their personal bank accounts.

While Tyson seemingly has a good relationship with Tiffany, he’s swayed by others who told him about Tiffany’s master manipulation skills. He and Justine call Tiffany and Cashel to compete in the elimination despite initially telling Tiffany she’ll remain safe. They lose to James and Cayla and head home.

‘The Challenge: USA’ spoilers: Who goes home in episode 3?

Competitors from 'The Challenge: USA' episode 3 running during a daily challenge
‘The Challenge: USA’ | Laura Barisonzi/Paramount

So, who’s heading home in episode 3? According to The Challenge: USA spoilers from PinkRose posted to Reddit, James and Tasha are in trouble. It appears the two players are paired up randomly with the algorithm, and they don’t make it beyond the show’s third episode.

James is from The Amazing Race, and he failed to do well in episode 2. While he and Cayla manage to bust out a win in the second episode, it seems his luck runs out in episode 3. Tasha has an excellent social game, as exemplified in Survivor. But it seems she also can’t pull through with the win.

The sneak peek for episode 3 shows Tyson continuing to scheme with Angela. “We have to get rid of the weakest people right now,” he tells her as she laughs. As for the daily challenge, it looks like Sarah might take an early lead. We’ll be curious to see how this leads to Tasha entering the elimination arena and losing.

Host T.J. Lavin thinks the ‘Survivor’ players are the most well-equipped for the game


‘The Challenge: USA’: Tyson Apostol Admitted He Tried to Work With ‘Anybody I Can Manipulate’

Tasha played incredibly well on Survivor, and it seems T.J. Lavin also might’ve expected she’d play a smart, strategic game. While talking to Parade, Lavin said he believes the Survivor cast members are the most prepared for the show’s intensity.

“When you get down and dirty, it’s going to be a miserable time,” Lavin said. “That’s what it takes to be in a final. All the challenges throughout the entire season are tough. But the final challenge will take you beyond yourself and beyond what you think is possible for you to survive. And Survivor players are most equipped to do that.”

The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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