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During The Challenge: USA, Tiffany Mitchell had a short-lived romance with Cinco Holland Jr. before her elimination. In a recent interview, she admitted to kissing the former Islander off-camera.

Tiffany Mitchell confirms she kissed Cinco Holland Jr off-camera

The July 13th episode of The Challenge: USA heavily featured a budding romance between Big Brother 23’s Favorite Houseguest and former Islander Melvin “Cinco” Holland Jr.

Things didn’t get too touchy on camera. However, he carried her to bed once, upsetting his ex Cashay Proudfoot. Due to her close relationship with Cinco and reputation for being a strategy player, she presented herself as a target to power couple Tyson Apostol and Justine Ndiba.

With the support of many players, including her Big Brother allies, Tyson blindsided her into elimination against The Amazing Race pair James Wallington and Cayla Lee.

She and Cashel Barnett lost, becoming the second duo eliminated. After her exit, she opened up a little more about her relationship with Cinco and confirmed the couple did kiss off-camera during the MTV’s Official Challenge podcast with Big Brother’s Da’Vonne Rogers and The Challenge’s Devyn Rogers.

Cashay Proudfoot claims she wasn’t ‘jealous’ of Tiffany

Following the episode, Cashay answered several questions regarding her fallout with Tiffany in videos posted to her Instagram story. She insisted she wasn’t “scared or intimidated” by the BB popular player, as Tiffany previously claimed.

Instead, Cashay explained Tiffany made herself a target when she began “orchestrating” alliances with the men, which she and others took as a threat to their personal game. Therefore, Cashay maintains that it made sense for Tiffany to leave the house as they weren’t working together.

She also responded to a few comments that accused her of being “jealous” of the Michigan native. The former Islander implied she didn’t get upset when she noticed Cinco carrying Tiffany only to bed, insisting that she “removed” herself from the situation.

When asked if she targeted Tiffany out of jealousy, the Love Island fan favorite claimed she didn’t have conversations with anyone in power and pointed out there were over 20 other competitors still in the game, adding she doesn’t have “that much pull.” Cashay noted that several players wanted Tiffany out, and the New York native didn’t fight it because it made sense for her game.

Cashay says she and Tiffany haven’t spoken in a while

The Love Island star also detailed their on-again, off-again friendship and explained why the two currently aren’t on speaking terms. According to the fan favorite, she was “excited” to meet the Big Brother favorite and talked early about wanting to develop a friendship without her ex, Cinco.

The 26-year-old recalled Tiffany consoling her a couple of times when she had rough days in the house but claims the Michigan native turned around and wanted to “f*** with” Cashay’s “mental” by openly flirting with her ex and planning to target her. Thrown off by the information, the Love Island star said she no longer cared if Tiffany exited the house.


‘Love Island USA’: Cashay Proudfoot and Cinco Holland Jr. Split: ‘Breakups Are Hard’

Following filming, Cashay claimed Tiffany reached out to her through direct message, and the two ended up apologizing and developing a closer friendship. However, it seemingly ended when Cashay went to Los Angeles to hang out with other cast members.

When Tiffany caught wind, she reportedly called Cashay and threatened to hang out with Cinco after discovering love interest Kyland Young was also there. The former Islander says the two haven’t spoken since then. Tiffany indirectly denied some of her claims, including wearing lingerie and wanting to mess with Cashay’s mental in a direct message sent to another competitor, Desi Williams, that she posted. The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays on CBS.