‘The Challenge’: Veronica Portillo ‘Boycotted’ Watching Season 38, Reveals Unaired Injury

The Challenge champ Veronica Portillo competed in Ride or Dies alongside four-time winner Darrell Taylor before their early exit in episode 7. Following her elimination, she admitted to refusing to watch the season and revealed an injury she sustained that didn’t make the edit.

Veronica Portillo ‘boycotted’ watching ‘The Challenge 38’

Three-time champ Veronica Portillo didn’t receive much air time and was quickly eliminated in The Challenge 38 Episode 7 without any backstory.

Following her exit, The Inferno winner thanked her supporters and admitted she “boycotted watching” the season in a tweet. When asked why, Veronica explained watching herself on television makes her “very uncomfortable.”

While she makes herself watch seasons that she had fun filming, the veteran admitted she didn’t have the best time during Ride or Dies and preferred not to “relive it.”

Even so, Veronica praised her teammate and four-time winner Darrell Taylor and enjoyed their time on the season together. Although the veteran refuses to watch the season, Veronica notes her girlfriend still supports her and watches the episodes in her car.

Veronica also revealed an unaired injury

Someone else pointed out the season didn’t include her injury, and The Gauntlet champ answered that she didn’t make it a big deal.

Additionally, Veronica explained she didn’t visit a doctor due to previous misdiagnoses and the “garbage” splints or wrap she would have received.

Instead, the reality star saw her podiatrist following her exit. However, the veteran noted she did get a wrap for her foot shortly before her elimination, after apparently requesting help since she entered at the end of episode 3.

According to Veronica, her injury was so severe it hurt the champ to fully stand on it and prevented her from performing her best during the elimination. She has since learned she ruptured her plantar fascia following an injury sustained in All Stars 3 that didn’t heal accurately.

Veronica and her partner Darrell Taylor were eliminated in episode 7

After arriving by the end of episode 3, Veronica and Darrell immediately found themselves in elimination. However, rookies Horacio Gutiérrez and Olivia Kaiser pulled the “safe” dagger and protected the veterans from entering The Zone that night.

They were nominated the following week again but avoided elimination a second time by saving themselves. Two weeks later, the house became divided between the rookies, seemingly led by Jay Starrett, and veterans, apparently with Jordan Wiseley at the helm, and Darrell and Veronica were encouraged to pick a side.


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However, they didn’t see a need to at the time and continued their floating strategy. As Devin Walker wanted to target former champs, he encouraged power couple Nelson Thomas and Nurys Mateo to nominate them, and the pair ended up in elimination again.

Safe team Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio and Nany González opted to protect Aneesa Ferreira and Jordan, sending the veteran squad in against Amber Borzotra and Chauncey Palmer. They couldn’t pull out the win, quickly ending their season after competing in four episodes. The Challenge airs Wednesdays on MTV.