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From longtime friends to even longer rivalries, those who keep up with MTV’s The Challenge know there are many competitors who have serious beef with each other. Jenna Compono fought valiantly on The Challenge: Total Madness, but it’s her troubling relationship with Zach Nichols that got even more attention. And after Nichols and her rival, Amanda Garcia, had a war of words on Twitter, ex-competitor Jemmye Carroll got involved. From there, Compono entered the fray.

It looks like Wes Bergmann is taking a stand in the battle now. He tweeted who he’s in support of after all is said and done. Here’s who he’s siding with.

Jenna Compono and Jemmye Carroll duked it out on Twitter

Mayhem broke loose when MTV’s The Challenge official Twitter released a video compilation showing Compono’s feud with Garcia. Garcia made a few aggressive comments toward Compono and Nichols — and that’s when Nichols took it too far. In a tweet, he called Garcia a “rotten, disgusting vile b*tch.” He also referenced Garcia’s strife with her mother, as he added that she’s “going to abandon her child just like yours did to you.”

Carroll saw these comments from Nichols and wasn’t having any of it. She defended Garcia publicly and brought Compono into the conversation once again. Nichols tweeted another personal blow directed at Carroll. And Compono started tweeting at Carroll soon after.

“Like I said we haven’t talked in months…you don’t know me so stop acting like you do. I do my part and help with everything I possibly can,” Compono tweeted at Carroll. “Idk where this is all coming from? The funny thing is no one answers texts anymore everyone likes to put their drama here for reactions.”

Compono also tweeted, “You tweeted at zach mentioning me… You’re tired of it yet yo still find the need to tweet about it. I’m done with this Jemmye idk wtf happened with you that your this rude now and it’s unfortunate bc u were cool. Now I see ur low blow tweets when all did was defend myself.”

Wes Bergmann allegedly made a deal with Compono on ‘The Challenge: Total Madness’

Jenna Compono attends 'The Challenge XXX': Ultimate Fan Experience
Jenna Compono attends ‘The Challenge XXX’: Ultimate Fan Experience | Lars Niki/Getty Images for MTV

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We didn’t see too much collaboration between Bergmann and Compono on Total Madness. Compono didn’t appear to have her head in the game, either, as her fight with Nichols made her question whether she even wanted to compete. And while Compono proved herself in her first elimination round against Tori Deal, she lost to Aneesa Ferreira when she was thrown into the ring a second time.

Compono already won her red skull, which was her ticket to the final, so she didn’t need to go into the fray again. But Nany González, Compono’s closest ally in the house, later revealed that Compono actually made a deal with Bergmann to get her thrown in again.

González explained on Instagram, “@jennacompono made a deal with Wes OFF CAMERA to get the entire tribunal to vote her in which is why I didn’t it and why I was angry with her. I don’t care what the final edited version is. That’s 100% a fact.”

Bergmann picked Compono’s side in the current feud

Bergmann loves to manipulate and instigate on The Challenge. But, outside of the show, he doesn’t cause too much mayhem, as he has his own life and business outside the realm of reality TV. As far as the current Twitter drama with Compono is concerned, though, he’s taking sides. And he’s with Compono.

“I stand with Jenna,” he simply tweeted. And fans threw in their input from there.

“Yeah they sure did jump on Jenna when Zach was the one causing the problem,” a fan commented back. “Go straight to Zach or just leave them alone.”

Others made it clear that they’re on Compono’s side, but they still can’t stand Nichols.

“I stand with Jenna. Not Zack,” another noted.

Will Compono, Garcia, and Carroll see each other in another future Challenge? Only time will tell.

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