‘The Challenge’: Wes Bergmann Teases Return Following ‘All Stars 3’ Win

The Challenge champ Wes Bergmann recently won All Stars 3, marking his third win in over 15 years with the franchise. Even so, the Kansas native still has plans to continue competing on the reality show.

Wes Bergmann plans to return to ‘The Challenge’ following ‘All Stars 3’ win

Wes Bergmann won The Challenge: All Stars 3, marking his victory since 2013’s Rivals 2. Following his win, he spoke with EntertainmentWeekly.com and claimed his newest achievement doesn’t affect his “outlook” on his future with the competitive franchise.

Wes noted he still loves the game and will likely return to “some version of a Challenge in the future.”


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Although he acknowledged the target his newest wins paints on his back, the popular competitor plans to “lean into it” as he feels he’s “playing with house money at this point.”

When asked if he would return to the MTV series or continue competing on the Paramount+ hosted All Stars spinoff, Wes explained he’ll likely keep getting invited and only turn down offers if filming interferes with his day job. However, he promised if he had time, he would compete again on any version of The Challenge that was available.

Wes recently won ‘The Challenge: All Stars 3’

After last competing in 2021’s Double Agents, Wes returned for spinoff All Stars 3, where he had one of the best performances in his Challenge career.

The Real World alum started the season off strong by getting into the first Authority of the season.

When season 1 winner Yes Duffy emerged as a threat who vocalized his interest in getting Wes out of the house, the popular player got thrown into elimination so he could call out his rival and prove himself to an ally.

Wes eliminated him, stole his stars in the process, and eventually advanced to the finale. He became the male winner, earning the $250,000 grand prize.

Wes has earned over $300,000 in his 15-year career on ‘The Challenge’

The 37-year-old debuted in Fresh Meat alongside Casey Cooper and won five eliminations before advancing to the finals, where they placed third, winning $10,000.

He returned for The Duel, winning the season, and took home $150,000. The Kansas native came back for The Ruins as part of Team Champions but didn’t last long in the competition. He attempted to redeem himself in Fresh Meat 2 but failed, going home before the finale before returning for Rivals, where he placed second, earning $25,000.

Following short-lived appearances in Battle of the Exes and Battle of the Seasons, Wes returned for Rivals 2 alongside CT Tamburello, and the pair won, taking home $63,000. After getting close in Battle of the Exes 2 and Rivals 3, the Kansas native took a break before returning to the original franchise for War of the Worlds, where he placed third, receiving $50,000.

Wes missed the finals in the next three seasons (War of the Worlds 2Total Madness, and Double Agents) before winning All Stars 3. He has earned $303,000 in his 15-year career on the show and holds the record for the most eliminations won by a male contestant.

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