‘The Challenge’: Who is Amber Borzotra and How Did She Get on the Show?

Fans of MTV’s The Challenge are getting more and more familiar with rookie of the season, Amber Borzotra. Amber’s been on reality TV before, but Double Agents marks her first season. So far, she’s won two tough Hall Brawl eliminations, and it looks like she could go far. So, who is she, and how did she get on the show?

[Spoiler alert: Spoilers ahead for how Amber Borzotra fairs on MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents.]

Who is Amber B. from ‘The Challenge’?

A close-up of Amber Borzotra from MTV's 'The Challenge' and 'Big Brother' smiling and wearing a white headband
Amber Borzotra from ‘The Challenge’ attends CBS’s ‘Big Brother’ Season 17 cast party | Vincent Sandoval/Getty Images

Amber didn’t seem too tough at the beginning of MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents, but she continues to prove she has what it takes. So, who is Amber?

The reality TV star got her start on Big Brother Season 16, Screen Rant reports. Back in 2014 when season 16 of Big Brother aired, Amber was introduced as a 26-year-old esthetician from California. Unfortunately, she didn’t too well in that game. Fellow competitor Caleb Reynolds developed a crush on her that she had trouble dealing with, as it upset her gameplay and made for an uncomfortable experience. She came in 12th place for the season.

After Big Brother, Amber took on modeling and acting gigs. Eventually, she was asked to be on The Challenge, and this seems to be the natural trajectory for a number of Big Brother players. Fessy Shafaat, Josh Martinez, and Kaycee Clark also came from Big Brother, to name a few.

When does MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ air?

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When can fans tune in and watch Amber continue on in her rookie season? MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents airs on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. EST.

We’re quickly approaching the end of Double Agents — and Amber’s commented on what life was like after the show was over.

“When I finished the season, I had a difficult time,” Amber explained to MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast. “I came home to some news I wasn’t expecting. So, for me, I was just in a space — I cried a lot. Decompressing was not easy. … It was hard.”

Despite how hard it is being in the public eye, Amber wouldn’t take the experience back. “I love The Challenge,” she added. “It’s such an amazing game. It’s such an amazing show. … This is a great experience.”

Does Amber B. win ‘Double Agents’?

Amber B. means business on MTV’s The Challenge. So, how does she do on Double Agents? So far, she’s proving she’s rookie of the year. She was first partnered with Darrell Taylor, and the two made an excellent team up until Darrell’s elimination. While partnered with Darrell, Amber conquered one elimination, and after Darrell, she conquered another, sending both Amber Martinez and Big T home in Hall Brawls.

“I learned so much from Darrell, and I think that that also helped my game,” Amber explained on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast. “Just him being — you know, he’s won four seasons. … Why not take note? Why not learn my rookie season how to actually play this game?”

So, does Amber make it all the way to the end of The Challenge: Double Agents without Darrell? According to The Challenge Fandom page, spoilers suggest Amber runs the final with CT Tamburello and comes in first place.

We’re looking forward to seeing more of Amber in the future!

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