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Showtime’s The Chi delivered a major gut punch in the June 20 episode with everything that happened to Kevin. During the hour, he tried once more to get his relationship with Jemma back on track. But the end result wasn’t what he — or fans of the TV show — ever expected.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for The Chi Season 4 Episode 5.]

'The Chi' cast
‘The Chi’ cast | Araya Doheny/Getty Images

Kevin and Jemma have broken up

By the opener, Jake was ready to be public with Jemma. She argued that she needed more time to break the news to Kevin, but Jake also didn’t want to keep lying to his “brother.”

“Either you tell him, or I will,” he snapped at her.

The three of them later met up at a gala hosted by Otis Perry, where Kevin began to notice something off between them. When the two disappeared, he went off to find them before discovering them in a stairwell making out. Kevin was devastated but left quietly as tears rolled down his face.

The fan reactions to Kevin and Jemma’s breakup are largely negative

As the situation played out, reactions poured in online. The majority of viewers seem upset over the breakup not because of the fact that it happened but how it happened.

“Kevin didn’t deserve this,” one person wrote under the YouTube trailer for the next episode.

“My heart broke for Kevin,” commented another. “I’ve experienced something similar to that before. I could feel the pain and anger very powerful!💯”

“Yea Jake and Jemma are foul af,” a third comment said in part. “Kevin didn’t deserve that.”

Some wrote that Jemma made the wrong decision and that it’s only a matter of time before she sees it.

“Jemma gonna learn the hard way messing wit a guy like jake and regret wat she did to Kevin…….” read one comment.

Another person agreed, saying: “Jemma ain’t ready for a guy like Jake. He’s a real street dude. Kev was just her speed and really all she could handle. She claims to be so woke, but blind to the reality of how Jake treats her and talks to her. She gonna get exactly what she’s asking for.”

“At this point I’m like Myisha talk some sense into Jemma😂😂,” someone else wrote.

But some felt the breakup was good for Kevin, even if he can’t see it now.

“Kevin needed this situation to learn how to stand up for himself, not be so passive, and to see who is loyal and who isn’t,” said another viewer. “Jemma who is so progressive, militant, and feminist is going to realize Jake is a mistake. He’s a misogynist. She better not come running back to Kevin down the line and if she does, Kevin should not take her back.”

What happens on the next episode of ‘The Chi’

Kevin might have chosen the mature route when he walked away, but that clearly doesn’t last. In the teaser trailer for the June 27 episode of The Chi, he becomes so enraged that he fully attacks Jake in class, punching him to the ground as Jemma and their teacher rush from their seats to intervene.

“Sometimes stuff happens in our lives, but it’s to teach us something,” Emmett narrates over the video.

The Chi comes on on Showtime at 9 p.m. ET on Sundays.


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