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‘The Chi’ Fans Share Theories About Season 4 Episode 9

The fourth season of 'The Chi' isn't disappointing. From Kevin's breakup with Jemma to Douda's confession about Brandon, there's been no shortage of drama this time around. But with just two episodes left, the show has loose ends to tie up. Here's what fans think will happen in the next episode.

The fourth season of The Chi is reaching its end, but there’s still so much left to unpack. From the aftermath of Kevin’s breakup with Jemma, to Octavia’s reaction to Kiesha keeping her son, to Douda’s new outlook on life, there’s so much the TV show will need to get into before the end of the current season. We’ll find out what happens, but in the meantime, fans of the show are weighing in with their theories about the next episode.

'The Chi' cast
‘The Chi’ cast 2019 | Araya Doheny/Getty Images

What happened in the last episode of ‘The Chi’

Titled “Love Jones,” The Chi Season 4 Episode 8 focused on some of the characters trying to deal with recent obstacles in their lives.

On a date night with Tiff, Emmett came clean with his feelings on their current arrangement. He doesn’t want their marriage to be open anymore, but Tiff can’t imagine him being faithful to just her.

Across town, Kiesha went out with Christian, her co-worker. While she’s still reserved about dating, she allowed herself to be open and comes to find comfort in Christian. After a fun night out that included live art and dancing, the two shared their first kiss.

The same evening, Papa threw a party honoring Maisha. He was trying to impress her as a way of getting her back, but Maisha told him she needs more time to love and get to know herself.

Kevin was on the dance floor, dancing with another girl in hopes of catching Jemma’s attention. She later admitted she was jealous before offering a well-overdue apology for the way things played out with Jake. Kevin appeared to forgive them both.

Fan theories about what happens next

In teaser trailers for The Chi Season 4 Episode 9, Douda comes up with a proposition for Trig, Emmett seeks advice from a friend about his conversation with Tiff, Marcus vents about Douda, and Kevin seems to go on a date.

Reacting to the clip, one person wrote: “My boy kev [done] finally got right he finna make Jemma regret what she did.”

“IDC Kevin needs to move on and Jemma,” someone else wrote. “I know that Kevin got hurt but it seems to me that Jemma really dont want kevin back. Jemma gonna be real salty once Kevin get a girl.”

Meanwhile, some fans were worried for what might happen between Dre and Nina.

“I think Kev & Keisha are going to be told about Dre & Nina situation,” one comment read. “They love Dre. She has been there for them. It is going to be hard for them.”

But others were more focused on Emmett and Tiff.

“I feel bad for Emmett and Tiff. Once you open up Pandora’s box, its hard to get that old thing back,” someone else wrote.

Another viewer agreed, writing, “Emmit has come such a long way he then finally became a man but at this point too much damage has been done.”

Some also speculated that something bad might happen, which is often the case when a show is headed toward a finale episode. Some thought the lights that flashed before Kevin and Papa meant trouble, while others wondered if the guy who shot Ronnie would pop up again.


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Find out when ‘The Chi’ airs

We guess we’ll see what happens when the show comes on. You can catch The Chi at 8 p.m. on Sundays on Showtime.