‘The Chi’: Iman Shumpert Opens up About His ‘Player’ Role; Admits He Didn’t Understand Acting

NBA champion and Dancing with the Stars winner Iman Shumpert has a starring role as Rob Lafayette in Showtime’s The Chi. In a recent interview, he opened up about his role as a “player” and revealed he previously didn’t understand acting.

Iman Shumpert admitted his character Rob in ‘The Chi’ is a ‘player’

NBA champ Iman Shumpert recently got into acting, making appearances in Lena Waithe’s Twenties and The Chi.

After guest starring in a couple of episodes of The Chi Season 4, he returned for season 5 with a feature role as Rob Lafayette, Tiffany’s drug dealer, and boyfriend.

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A few weeks before the season premiered, he sat down with VladTV, discussing his role and venture into acting. Even though Shumpert referred to his character as a “player,” he pointed out that Tiffany (Hannaha Hall) is the one who cheated on her husband, adding, “she’s doing Emmett [Jacob Latimore] dirty.”

When asked if he planned to focus on acting or “took the opportunity,” Shumpert admitted it was more of the latter as he previously denied offers.

Shumpert admitted he previously didn’t understand acting

The Dancing with the Stars winner continued, noting he didn’t understand acting and questioned whether his wife, actor and singer Teyana Taylor, accepted certain role

. Shumpert claimed his confusion had to do with his ignorance of the profession rather than jealousy. However, when he received the opportunity to appear in The Chi, he took it, especially as he’s currently a free agent in the NBA.

Additionally, Shumpert explained he wanted to experience a set and has come to enjoy the process. He also noted his wife encouraged him as she thought he could do well and wanted him to try it.

Even though it was new to him, the basketball player pointed out that Hannaha Hall, who portrays his on-screen girlfriend Tiffany, is “super professional” and helped him when things got “awkward” for him.

Shumpert has a prominent role in ‘The Chi’ Season 5 as Rob, Tiffany’s boyfriend

Shumpert makes his debut as Rob in season 4, episode 6’s Candyman as Tiffany’s supplier. The couple eventually hooked up, but Emmett wanted to end their open relationship arrangement. Tiffany and Emmett attempted to make their relationship work, but season 5 opened up with her telling him she and their son planned to stay at her mom’s house. A later conversation revealed she wanted a divorce.

After not wanting to continue to live in her intrusive mother’s house, Tiffany decided to move in with Rob as the two remained friends. However, it quickly turned into something more.

While she wanted to explore polyamory, he wanted a monogamous relationship, giving her an ultimatum. Tiffany agreed to date Rob and has since told Emmett, who invited them both over for the holidays. Even though she has feelings for him, Tiffany is beginning to notice their differences.

On the other hand, Emmett plans to move on from Tiffany by focusing on himself and his kids by becoming celibate. However, he and Keisha (Birgundi Baker) have started hanging out a lot, especially after she gave birth to Ronnie and began college. The two, who previously hooked up before he focused on his relationship, clearly have feelings for each other, but Keisha and Tiffany are best friends. The Chi airs Sundays on Showtime.

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