‘The Chi’ Season 4: Showrunner Reveals When Viewers Will See ‘Everything’ That Happened in Flashforward

Showtime’s The Chi opened season 4 with a flash-forward that depicted the main characters in monumental moments, including Kevin walking in on his best friend making out with his girlfriend. Following the premiere, showrunner Justin Hillian revealed when viewers could see the flash-forward events play out in the season.

Elvis Mitchell, Lena Waithe, Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine, Jason Mitchell, Jacob Latimore, Alex R. Hibbert and Yolonda Ross at Film Independent Presents Showtime Screening Series - 'The Chi'
Elvis Mitchell, Lena Waithe, Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine, Jason Mitchell, Jacob Latimore, Alex R. Hibbert and Yolonda Ross at Film Independent Presents Showtime Screening Series – ‘The Chi’ | Araya Doheny/Getty Images

‘The Chi’ season 4 opened with flash-forward

The premiere episode began with a tuxedo-clad Kevin anxiously wandering through a building, walking in on different characters in the middle of their presumed most significant moments in the season.

First, he saw his best friend Jake kissing his girlfriend Jemma, which comes as a surprise because he previously couldn’t stand her. Additionally, Keisha, who decided to keep her baby after deciding against abortion, is portrayed having a water birth with her moms holding her hand.

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After marrying one of his baby mothers, Tiffany, and taking over Sonny’s restaurant, Emmett was also featured in the flash-forward hiding in a bathroom while someone tried to get in.

Finally, it ended with recently elected Mayor Otis “Douda” Perry getting shot in the chest on top of a building during or after an event.

What happened in the premiere episode?

One month before the moments in the flash-forward occurred, Kevin and Jemma’s relationship strengthened as he started having breakfast with her dad. He also told her he loved her in front of Jake, who acted disgusted.

The two then went to play basketball, where Jake almost got into a fight with another teenager picking on Kevin. A couple of police officers then walked over and questioned Jake for identification, ultimately throwing him on the ground and beating him before arresting him.

Miesha videoed the incident and posted it online, and Jake, who went to the hospital, as a result, didn’t appreciate how Kevin handled it. Believing nothing would be done, even though Douda promised he would take care of the situation, Trig later found the cop and beat him up.

Additionally, Dom and Darnell are dating, and she told him about her fling with Emmett, making the restaurant owner nervous Tiffany would find out. Meanwhile, Keisha visited potential adoptive parents for her child but backed out after the couple revealed they were getting a divorce.

‘The Chi’ showrunner on when viewers can see events from flash-forward

Following the premiere, TV Line interviewed showrunner Justin Hillian about the episode and what’s to come in the season.

When asked about the media catching wind of Douda’s other life and how the new mayor doesn’t seem to care, Hillian called the pizza parlor owner “overconfident’ and noted he would “make mistakes” but not own up to them, which affects the political landscape and the various characters.

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He also hinted to a possible rift between Jake and Kevin due to the police interaction, explaining, “they’re going to handle [the event] differently, and it’s going to affect their circumstances and their relationship as their circumstances change.”

Finally, the showrunner revealed when viewers would see the flash-forward bits play out, promising, “everything that you saw in that moment, it happens in Episode 5, and then we move forward.” The Chi airs Sundays at 9/8 Central on Showtime.