‘The Chi’ Star Jasmine Davis Was Almost the Star of Another Popular Television Show

Jasmine Davis’ role as the transgender love interest of a main character on The Chi was a long time coming. In a recent interview, Davis opens up about the rejection in Hollywood as a Black trans woman and how she intended to use her work as an actor as part of her coming out story. Initially set to star on a popular CW series, Davis would later reveal her status on The Chi. 

'The Chi' cast
‘The Chi’ cast | Araya Doheny/Getty Images

Jasmine Davis was previously hoping to get a lead role in ‘Supergirl’

Long before getting her role on The Chi, David had dreams of taking the acting world by storm. She tells EBONY Magazine in a recent interview that she has fond memories of performing skits in front of family members and participating in local talent showcases. 

Her talent led her to L.A.’s Finest alongside Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union as the transgender character Claire. “That’s where the fire started,” she said. “But then, I went to Hollywood and didn’t know how I was going to make it. I got a lot of nos.”

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One of the big no’s she received was for The CW’s Supergirl. Davis says she was audition away from being cast as the transgender superhero character Dreamer. For her, it would have been a breakout role and her time to come out as a trans woman.  

Davis admits that until recently, she never disclosed her trans status to the general public. “I’ve always been open with my close friends or any lover that I had. But as far as general society was concerned, it was like, it’s not your business,” she declares.

The role of Dreamer went to Nicole Maines. Maines is also a trans woman and transgender rights activist.

‘The Chi’ star revealed her transgender status on the Showtime drama

Despite not getting the role on Supergirl, Davis went back to her hometown of Chicago and auditioned for another role. This time around, it was for The Chi, for the character Imani who is the transgender love interest of one of the central characters. All of the hard work paid off and Davis made her debut on The Chi in its third season.

She used her platform on The Chi to come out as a trans individual. She says the global COVID-19 made things slightly easier to do considering much of the world was quarantined and she didn’t have much face to face interaction with people. Still, it was difficult.

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“Coming out during the pandemic had its pros and cons,” she admits. “On one hand, I was able to stay in the house and feel safe. However, on the other hand, hateful internet trolls had a lot of time on their hands to send hate mail and leave negative comments on social media. I was probably getting more love than hate, but the hate was so directed and so loud and in my face.” 

Thankfully, she has an amazing therapist to help her outweigh any negative noise. She also has the support of her mother, her best friend, and The Chi creator Lena Waithe. Waithe is an openly gay woman.The Chi airs every Sunday on Showtime at 9 pm EST.