‘The Chi:’ Star Reveals Why Writers Included Kidnapping Storyline and Fate of Keisha After Escaping

With Jason Mitchell’s firing and Tiffany Boone’s exit, it became clear that there’d be major changes in The Chi. Fans are still in awe at just how much the series has tapped into other character storylines. This season, the kidnapping of Kiesha (Birgundi Baker) is a major player. Now that she’s free, Baker is giving fans an inside look into the inspiration behind the storyline and what’s next for Keisha. 

'The Chi' cast
‘The Chi’ cast via Twitter

[SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers from ‘The Chi’ Season 3 Episode 7.]

Birgundi Baker reveals why The Chi added kidnapping storyline for season 3

Season 3 opens with the death of Brandon (Jason Mitchell). Brandon’s been a central figure of the show, with ties to every major character. In his absence, Baker tells TV Line that the show’s writers wanted to incorporate more real-life storylines in crime with the detectives Brandon was working with prior to his death.

This season, more character development takes place. Free-spirited and often viewed as “promiscuous,” Keisha gets the shock of her life when she’s kidnapped and held captive. The storyline for many viewers came out of left field. Baker says it was intentional on the writer’s end.

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“They were going to get rid of the police characters [Detectives Armando Cruz and Alice Touissant]. And so, well, if we get rid of the police characters, then we have to bring up an issue that police don’t really involve themselves in. So [the writers] thought of Black missing girls. Right now, there are [roughly] 75,000 missing Black women, so that was how they came up with the story,” she says.

Keisha is held hostage by a man with a checkered past who is infatuated with her track running skills and beauty. She is eventually rescued and becomes free in episode 7.

How Keisha on The Chi rebounds after her kidnapping

Now that Keisha is free, the long road of healing can begin. As the doctor explains to Keisha’s stepmother in episode 7, victims of captivity who are free typically have suicidal thoughts. The same will unfortunately apply to Keisha. At the beginning of episode 7, viewers see Keisha contemplate the act while she’s still held in captivity.

“Kiesha’s different. She was kidnapped and held for weeks in her own neighborhood. So not only is her world different, but her perspective of how her family feels about her is different, too. Because it’s like, “I was in the neighborhood, y’all. I was down the street,” you know,” she says. 

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Moreso, Baker says Keisha has to come to terms with the changes from who she was before. Baker reveals it’ll be an ongoing battle.

“She questions everyone after this. Things happened to her, and she didn’t have a choice or a say-so with what happened with her body, so I think that changes her as, well. We’re used to seeing Kiesha free and grounded and taking ownership over all parts of her, and she is definitely broken after this,” she says.

The Chi airs Sundays at 9 PM EST on Showtime.