‘The Chi’ Star Yolanda Ross Thinks Fans Are ‘Super Excited’ to See Jada and Darnell Reconnect

Emmett’s parents, Jada and Darnell, have gotten back together after years apart during The Chi Season 5. Jada’s Yolanda Ross and Darnell’s Rolando Boyce talked about the reconciliation, where she claimed she believed fans are “super excited” to see Darnell and Jada reconnect.

Jada and Darnell have gotten back together in ‘The Chi’ Season 5

During the first couple of seasons of The Chi, Jada and Darnell had a complicated relationship. The two had an on-again-off-again relationship spanning decades, going back to high school and resulting in the birth of their son, Emmett.

Due to him and his several children, making the pair grandparents, Jada and Darnell, have remained in each other’s lives, frequently seeing one another.

They clearly still have a strong bond connecting them, but the pain of Darnell’s past indiscretions has prevented them from rekindling. After they both moved on, she discovered a breast cancer diagnosis. During season 5, her relationship with Suede hit a rocky patch when she kissed Darnell and exchanged flirty messages with him, which Suede found.

When her boyfriend confronted him, Darnell revealed his unresolved feelings for Jada. While Jada didn’t know about the altercation, she did find an engagement ring and concluded that she couldn’t continue the relationship with him. She and Darnell got back together during the following episode. Jada has started demanding more from him, and he seems willing to step up his game.

Yolanda Ross thinks fans are ‘super excited’ to see Jada and Darnell reconnecting

In a YouTube video uploaded to the show’s official page shortly before The Chi Season 5 Episode 5, Rolando Boyce and Yolanda Ross, who portray Darnell and Jada, spoke about their characters’ reconnection.

Boyce explained their relationship initially had a lot of “friction” but has since developed a close friendship. Ross added she believed Darnell realized what’s important following Jada’s cancer diagnosis, causing him to “step up.”

The actor continued, noting she thinks viewers will be “super excited” to see Jada and Darnell rekindle their romance, claiming she believes the audience has waited for it.

Boyce added that he thinks their relationship will give fans “hope,” including it might work out if Darnell doesn’t mess it up. He also lauded the storytelling, pointing out how much he enjoyed the way the writers incorporated the growth in his relationships. The actor concluded by calling his character a “work in progress.”

Jacob Latimore also talked about Emmett and Kiesha getting together

Kiesha and Emmett had a sexual relationship during the first couple of seasons that eventually fizzled out when he began to get serious with now ex-wife, Tiffany.

Their friendship has strengthened throughout the seasons as he has gotten his life under control, and she went through a traumatic kidnapping. The situation clearly affected Emmett, who did all he could to help. When season 5 begins, Emmett has a sex dream about Kiesha before Tiffany wakes him up to inform him that she, and their son, are moving in with her mother.


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However, it wasn’t long until they relocated to her drug dealer-now-boyfriend’s house. During the ordeal, Emmett attempted to find himself by abstaining from sex. Additionally, he and Kiesha, now a mother to Ronnie following her assault, have continued to get closer. Jacob Latimore, who portrays Emmett in the series, also spoke in the YouTube video about his reconciliation with Kiesha.

The actor explained that “timing is everything” and believes the two are both in a similar space where they can be there for each other. Pointing out that it began with friendship, he considers it a “beautiful thing to watch.” The Chi airs Fridays on Showtime.