‘The Circle’: Deleesa Reveals Tips That Were in Her Powerful Notebook to Be Trevor

The catfishes of The Circle have a tough job of keeping up their lies. Deleesa St. Agathe somewhat relied on a notebook to pretend to be her husband, Trevor, on the Netflix show. She revealed all of the tips that were inside it.

Delessa St. Agathe catfished as her husband, Trevor on ‘The Circle’

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Season 2 had a cast full of gamers and a few catfish. The 32-year-old mother decided to play as her husband. 

“On social media, people look at me. They think I’m cocky. They probably think I’m full of myself,” she said in the first episode. “On social media, men have it so easy. So I decided on The Circle, I’m going to be playing Trevor.”

She said he’s “handsome, but he’s not considered like a threat.” Delessa planned to portray him as a “nice guy single father.” She said single dads get all of the ladies. So the plan was he will attract the ladies, and he’ll be “bros” with the other guys.

Her plan almost went without a hitch. But there were a few rocky moments along the way.

Deleesa used a notebook to avoid being revealed

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The Circle lets the cast compete in quizzes and competitions. Trevor was chosen to answer a sports question. She was given a picture of Bulls players Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, and Michael Jordan was asked to name them.

Deleesa was able to spot Rodman and Jordan. But she really struggled to name the third player. She pulled out her notebook to go through notes, and in the end, she said Scottie Pippen.

It’s a good thing she got it right, or her mistake could have revealed her as a catfish. But what else was in her powerful notebook?

Deleesa reveals tips that were in her powerful notebook

Deleesa St Agathe is wearing a dress smiling and covering her face with her hands
Deleesa St. Agathe on ‘The Circle’ Season 2 | Netflix

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Fans saw a few moments where Deleesa relied on her notebook to get out of tough spots. But how was it created, and what else was in there? She told Refinery29 she studied with her husband before going on the show.

“We studied for like, I want to say at least two hours every night,” she said. “I was writing stuff. He was writing stuff.” They included things that would help in conversations like a list of men’s haircuts, cologne brands, whiskeys, cars, workouts, sports-themed video games.

They also included details about Trevor, like where he grew up, his shoe size, his clothing, and more. His favorites also made it into the notebook with a list of Knicks players, rappers, and more. 

The couple also included the rules of games, numbers of famous players, team logos, and sports terms. She had a lot of notes but no pictures. 

When you’re going to play catfish in The Circle, then it does help to prepare. Maybe this might become a common strategy for future players.