‘The Circle’ Season 4 Episode Guide and Release Times

The Circle Season 4 recently dropped its first four episodes on Netflix. What are the episode release times, and how many are included in the fourth season?

Yu Ling screaming at the televison during 'The Circle' Season 4
‘The Circle’ player, Yu Ling Wu | Netflix

How many episodes are in ‘The Circle’ Season 4? What time are they released?

On May 4, Netflix released the first four episodes of the reality competition series The Circle Season 4. The next batch, consisting of episodes 5-8, drops on May 11, followed by the next set, episodes 9-12, on May 18.

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The cast will meet one another and vote for the winner during episode 13, the finale, which premieres on May 25. New

episodes drop on Netflix around 3 a.m. EST/12 a.m. PST.

‘The Circle’ Season 4 cast includes TikTok star Josh ‘Bru’ Brubaker

Viewers are introduced to a new cast of players who aim to take home the increased cash prize. One contestant includes Frank, a “body-positive” 28-year-old school social worker from Maryland, who entered the circle as himself. He hopes to use his “southern charm” alongside “therapist skills” to form allies and avoid getting blocked.

San Francisco-based brand marketing consultant Yu Ling, 25, explained she grew up with her parents, who were Chinese immigrants, but considers herself “culturally raised” by youth entertainment networks MTV and VH1. As someone who loves social media and “digitally” connecting with others, Yu is also playing as herself.

John, 24, is from New Jersey and called himself “as Italian as it gets.” Noticing the matriarch is the most well-liked person in his family, the social media content creator decided to personify his mother, Carol. Because he knows her well, he feels he can effortlessly embody her characteristics that would make others connect with the profile.

New York native Alyssa, 27, went into the circle as herself. Due to her background in sex therapy, she thinks the others will feel comfortable opening up to her. Josh Brubaker, or Bru, 25, is a West Hollywood-based radio host with over 4 million followers on TikTok. Due to his online popularity, Bru plans to go into the circle as himself and win the game by appearing as everyone’s best friend.

Mel B and Emma Bunton of Spice Girls also compete in ‘The Circle’ Season 4

31-year-old Crissa introduced herself as the 13th woman to play for the exhibition basketball team Harlem Globetrotters who currently makes basketball-influenced social media content. Hoping to play the game with the same “full-court vision,” she will enter the competition as herself. Because she wears many hats, Crissa believes it’ll be easy to relate to other players.

Miami-based student Parker, 21, described herself as a “sorority girl” who mainly parties and posts thirst traps. Therefore, she played her married 56-year-old father, Paul, believing he gave off a more trustworthy “vibe.”

Surprisingly, Emma Bunton and Melanie “Mel B” Brown, also known as Baby and Scary Spice from the ‘90s British girl group Spice Girls, entered the circle. However, they had to compete as a pre-selected “catfish” profile, Jared, a 28-year-old children’s author. Rachel, a 29-year-old paranormal researcher from Houston, Texas, decided to enter as herself as she wanted to appear “kooky” while playing a more cutthroat game.

Finally, the last competitor introduced by episode 4 is Scottsdale, Arizona-based commercial banker Alex, 28, who claims he’s used to living a double life due to his professional and personal life differences. Considering The Circle as “the ultimate game,” Alex believes he’s figured out a “formula” to popularity within the game and created the “perfect profile” with 22-year-old “frat boy,” Nathan. The Circle is streaming on Netflix.

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