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The Circle will soon be returning to Netflix for season 4, and the official trailer featured a bombshell reveal. It appears that the popular social media competition series will be giving fans “what they really, really want” when the new season premieres. Here’s everything we know so far about the return of The Circle.

The Circle Season 4 Alyssa Ljubicich
Alyssa Ljubicich on season 4 of ‘The Circle’ | Tom Dymond/Netflix

What is ‘The Circle’?

The Circle is a Netflix series hosted by Michelle Bateau that premiered in 2020, and it’s based on a British TV show of the same name. The premise is that a group of strangers are put in an apartment building and completely separated from one another. The only way they can communicate with each other is through an app on the show’s internal social network system.

Players can compete in the game as themselves or as catfishes, with the goal of crafting an online identity that gains popularity and support among fellow contestants. Throughout the game, players will rate each other. And the ones who are rated the highest become “influencers” — who have the power to eliminate contestants.

When a player is eliminated, their identity is revealed to the others. During the season finale, the contestants reveal themselves and perform one final rating. In the end, the highest-rated player wins the game and the cash prize.

Everything we know about season 4 of the Netflix hit

In The Circle season 4 trailer, fans are teased with the line “More money, new gameplay, and a lot more spice.” The word “spice” is colored with the design of the Union Jack, and then the silhouettes of two Spice Girls appear.

The visual and sound clues indicate the arrival of Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) and Mel B. (Scary Spice). However, their participation in season 4 has not yet been confirmed.

The five contestants who are playing the game as themselves in season 4 are: Yu Ling Wu, Crissa Jackson, Alyssa Ljubicich, Rachel Evans and Frank Grimsley. The four deceptive players entering the game as a catfish are: Josh Brubaker (as Bru), Alex Brizard (as Nathan), John Franklin (as Carol) and Parker Abbott (as Paul).

The show’s production company is promising that the new season will be the “spiciest season yet,” with “more twists and turns than ever before.” One of those twists that fans saw in the trailer was a “data breach.”

‘The Circle’ will drop the first four episodes on its season 4 premiere date

The players will be competing for a larger cash prize in season 4. In years past, the winner received $100,000. But this time around, the amount of prize money has increased to $150,000.

Season 4 was filmed in The Circle Building, located in Salford near Manchester, England. The building holds the apartments the contestants live in while filming.


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Netflix has announced that season 4 of The Circle will debut on May 4, and on that day the streamer will drop the first four episodes. The following week — on May 11 — they will drop episodes 5 through 8.

On May 18, fans will gain access to episodes 9 through 12. The season 4 finale — when host Bateau actually gets to meet the contestants — will arrive on the platform on Wednesday, May 25.