‘The Circle’ Season 4: Who Is Frank Grimsley? Age, Job, Social Media, and More

The Circle is back for season 4, and the cast will feature five players competing as themselves and four catfishes. One of those cast members on the Neflix hit who will be tackling the game as himself is Frank Grimsley. Here’s what we know about this contestant, so far.

The Circle Season 4 star Frank Grimsley in an image courtesy of Netflix
Frank Grimsley on season 4 of ‘The Circle’ | Netflix

The new star of ‘The Circle’ Season 4 is a self-described ‘big boy with big personality’

Fans first met Grimsley when Netflix released the season 4 trailer in late April and dropped an introductory video featuring the new players. The brief clip made it clear that the Shorterville, Alabama native — who currently resides in Maryland — is a larger-than-life character, as he described himself as “the big boy with big personality.”

His brief comments in the trailer had fans cracking up, especially when the season’s new twist — the Data Breach — was introduced. Grimsley can be heard telling Netflix, “uh-uh girl, y’all need to pay y’all f*cking bill.”

Later in the clip, Grimsley warned his fellow contestants that he had two eyes on the back of his head. Then, he mysteriously claimed, “I’m watching you b*tches.”

Here’s what we know about Frank Grimsley — Age, Job, Social Media, and More

According to the Netflix cast reveal video, Grimsley is listed as 28 years old. However, he just turned 29 on April 11. The majority of this season’s contestants are in their 20s. But what makes Grimsley’s situation unique is that most of the players who are closest to his age are playing as catfish.

His bio states that he’s an “influencing social worker.” Which, according to Screen Rant, means that he is a licensed therapist who is employed at a school as a social worker. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Alabama before obtaining his Master’s in Social Work from Howard University. He also earned a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Grimsley is quite active on social media — hence the “influencing” adjective. He has paid partnerships with a few brands to create content, including Adobe CCX and Ciroc VS.

The star of ‘The Circle’ Season 4 has his own brand

Grimsley consistently posts to Instagram, with more than 200 posts to date. Before being cast on The Circle, he had nearly 6,700 followers. That number will likely skyrocket when The Circle season 4 premieres on Netflix.

Grimsley’s posts are filled with positivity and encouragement for his followers under his “Frank N The City” brand. He tells them to embrace life’s changes, have confidence, and commit to their own happiness.

“For years, I’ve asked God to ‘Use Me’,” he stated when launching his label in 2017. “Use me in a way in which I can help impact the world. Franknthecity is more than just a name; it’s about embracing YOURSELF regardless of your flaws and imperfections… [it] embraces body positivity, and it’s our time to shine.”

The video continued, with Grimsley telling his “fellow plus-size bloggers” to continue to shed light on how magnificently beautiful it is to be “big, bold, and beautiful in your own skin.”

The Circle Season 4 premieres May 4 on Netflix, with the streamer dropping the first four episodes. They will continue to drop four episodes weekly until they hit the season finale.

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