‘The Clone Wars’ Will Focus More on Ahsoka and Rex Than Other Characters From the Prequels in Season 7

One of the biggest draws for a final season of The Clone Wars is the fact that it finishes the intended arc the series had planned out from the beginning. It was canceled in 2013, and that was probably the biggest bummer: not only were fans losing this series, but there was still a lot of stories left to tell. The main reason for the series in the first place was to show the full Clone Wars, from when they started after Attack of the Clones to when they finished with the Jedi Purge in Revenge of the Sith

With that in mind, this final season is intended to wrap it up, nearly guaranteeing that The Clone Wars will coincide with Revenge of the Sith at some point. Executive producer and supervising director Dave Filoni won’t explicitly confirm how this will happen but does give insight into which characters to look out for.

There are no spoilers ahead, so you’re safe from here. Although, if you do want to know what happens after the Siege of Mandalore and Order 66, check out the Ahsoka novel by E.K. Johnston. 

Ahsoka Tano set to faceoff against Maul on Season 7 of 'The Clone Wars.'
Ahsoka Tano set to faceoff against Maul on Season 7 of ‘The Clone Wars’ | Lucasfilm/Disney+

Dave Filoni is “interested” in showing what happens to Ahsoka and Rex

In an interview with io9 on Feb. 21, Filoni wasn’t forthcoming with the fact that The Clone Wars overlaps with Episode III, but did point out Mace Windu’s familiar line wasn’t an accident.

With that out of the way, Filoni did stress that he didn’t want to make this overlap feel repetitive. “I’ve always, always been interested in a crossover point with the films when it got right down to it at the very end,” Filoni said. “I was always interested in trying to make the audience aware of where Ahsoka was, where Captain Rex was, during sometimes critical moments that we all know from the movies. And yet maintaining the integrity of the films.”

As Filoni said at the “Ahsoka’s Untold Stories” panel at Star Wars Celebration Europe in 2016, there are answers as to why you don’t see Ahsoka and Rex in the movies and Season 7 will reveal that.

Don’t expect a ton of Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Padmé

Because he doesn’t want the series to seem like it’s rehashing the movies, Filoni said he’s not focusing on characters whose stories were told already. “There were certain choices to make in this because, well, I wanted to represent the major characters of the film—in Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Padmé— [and] I didn’t want to do anything in these last episodes that would interrupt or contradict what happens with them in [Revenge of the Sith],” Filoni said. 

Rex in front of the 501st Legion with their special armor to honor Ahsoka.
Rex in front of the 501st Legion with their special armor to honor Ahsoka | Lucasfilm/Disney+

To do this, Filoni, of course, included them in the narrative, but more so to aid in other characters’ stories. For this, he means Ahsoka and Rex will take center since their arcs for this time period haven’t played out on screen yet. 

Where does ‘The Clone Wars’ Season 7 fall in the timeline?

To rehash, Season 7 of The Clone Wars takes place after Season 6 and before Revenge of the Sith. Right now, only one episode was released so it’s tough to say how long it’ll be before fans see similar scenes from Episode III, like Windu talking about the plot to destroy the Jedi. 

However, in the “Ahsoka’s Untold Stories” panel, Filoni did say that Ahsoka goes to Mandalore to fight for the planet’s freedom from Maul in the Siege of Mandalore. And this coincides with the beginning of Revenge of the Sith. That could change, but considering that arc basically ends the series, fans won’t see overlap until halfway through the season or so.

The Clone Wars premieres on Fridays on Disney+.