The Co-Creator of ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Is Still Haunted by a Few Cases

Unsolved Mysteries was an incredibly successful series during its original run, and the Netflix reboot of the documentary series has been just as successful. In July 2020, Netflix released a volume of new episodes. In October 2020, a second volume premiered on the platform, and a third is highly anticipated. The co-creator of the series, Terry Dunn Meurer, hopes new leads will pour in for the cases highlighted on Netflix, but she’s still haunted by some of the stories told on the original series. 

How long was the original run of Unsolved Mysteries?

Unsolved Mysteries may have received new life with a Netflix reboot, but the original series remains successful. In fact, fans have been clamoring to rewatch old episodes ever since the series showed up on several streaming platforms. That shouldn’t be a huge surprise, though; the true crime genre has garnered serious interest in recent years. 

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Unsolved Mysteries can be considered a pioneer in the genre. The show premiered in January 1987 and aired more than 500 episodes over the course of 15 seasons. The Netflix reboot released several new episodes in July 2020.  

When will Unsolved Mysteries release its third volume on Netflix? 

Volume 2 of the true crime documentary series was released on Oct. 19, 2020, but many viewers already binged the season. Within days of its release, fans have been pushing for the release of volume 3. They won’t be getting their wish, though. A third installment is still far off. 

‘Unsolved Mysteries’ | Netflix

According to Newsweek, the Coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult to get production under way. Meurer spoke with the publication about what’s coming up next, and she admitted the series hasn’t gone into production yet. At the moment, stories are still being scouted. So, when will a third installment arrive? Netflix likely will not release another volume until late 2021 or early 2022. For fans in need of another mystery, the original show is available for streaming on several platforms. 

Unsolved Mysteries co-creator has several cases that still haunt her 

Meurer sat down with Vulture to discuss her time working on the series. After hearing more than 1,300 stories, you would think the co-creator of the series would be accustom to tragic and creepy tales. Still, Meurer is haunted by some of the stories that appeared on the show.

She told the publication that the story of Angela Hammond has stuck with her for decades. Hammond, then 20, was abducted in 1991 while talking on the phone with her partner, Rob Shafer. Shafer, who lived several blocks away from the crime scene, jumped in his car to rescue Hammond and may have seen her abductor driving in the opposite direction.

Robert Stack, the host of 'Unsolved Mysteries' appearin gon 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' in 1993
Robert Stack | Margaret Norton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

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Meurer told Vulture that the story sticks with her because Hammond was doing everything right, but she was still abducted and never seen again. Her case appeared on Unsolved Mysteries in its fourth season. The original episode aired in 1992. Hammond’s case remains unsolved.

Several other tales have continued to haunt Meurer, and most of them remain unsolved. The story of Kevin Ives and Don Henry is one of the most tragic she can recall. The unsolved murder occurred in Arkansas in 1987. Ives and Henry’s murders have also been featured on several true crime podcasts.