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British actor Claire Foy became well known for her work in high-profile period dramas. Throughout her career, she remains transparent with her fan base about her process to get in character. In light of an exciting new BBC drama that stars Foy as the infamous socialite Margaret Campbell, she discussed why sex scenes are the “grimmest thing” an actor can do. 

What did Claire Foy say about feeling ‘exploited’ by sex scenes?

Claire Foy attends the BAFTA Los Angeles Tea Party
Claire Foy attends the BAFTA Los Angeles Tea Party | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

In an interview for BBC’s Woman’s Hour, Claire Foy revealed she doesn’t enjoy sex scenes as all. “You do feel exploited when you are a woman and you are having to perform fake sex on screen,” she explained. “You can’t help but feel exploited.”

Foy went on to detail how sex scenes are “grim – it’s the grimmest thing you can do. You feel exposed. Everyone can make you try to not feel that way, but it’s, unfortunately, the reality.” 

As to how she could work her way through those intimate scenes in, A Very British Scandal, Foy said that she tackled the sex scenes from a female perspective. “I felt very strongly that [sex] had to be in it, but I wanted it to be female. I did not want it to be that sort of awful climactic sexual experience you often see on the cinema screen.”

Claire Foy is receiving acclaim for her work in ‘A Very British Scandal’

A Very British Scandal marks Foy’s latest drama series. It began airing on the BBC network on December 26, 2021. The show, according to IMDb, focuses on British socialite Margaret Campbell and her 1963 divorce, which put her in the crosshairs of the British press. During the divorce proceedings, Campbell’s husband accused her of adultery and allegedly even leaked explicit photos of her to the press. 

Foy, who plays Campbell, has extensive experience in period dramas. But the role of Margaret Campbell is genuinely something special. The star-studded cast of A Very British Scandal also includes Paul Bettany, Julia Davis, and Sophia Myles. American fans who want to catch the show can watch it on Sony LIV and Amazon Prime Video.

What else is Claire Foy known for?


‘The Crown’ Creator Didn’t Think He’d ‘Have a Show’ Without This 1 Actor

Claire Foy began acting in the early 2000s. But she first captured the attention of American fans in 2016, when she appeared in The Crown. As Queen Elizabeth II, Foy received significant critical acclaim. Viewers praised her for the seemingly effortless way she captured the mannerisms and personality of the legendary monarch. Foy reprised her role as Queen Elizabeth II in the second season of the Netflix show, by which time she was a well-known star around the world.

Foy also acted in shows like Wolf Hall and The Promise and films such as Season of the Witch and First Man. For her work in First Man, she portrayed the wife of the famed astronaut Neil Armstrong. Foy received a nomination for a Golden Globe Award for this role. To fans, Foy is one of the most intriguing and interesting actors at work today — and her role in A Very British Scandal could move her star even higher.