The Duggar Family Instagram Might’ve Proven Josiah and Lauren Duggar Are on the Outs With Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

Counting On fans are very familiar with Josiah and Lauren Duggar. The two have been quite vocal about their difficulties navigating Lauren’s first miscarriage. And they’re over the moon to have their daughter, Bella, now.

While Josiah and Lauren seem quite close with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, it seems there’s some evidence to suggest they might not be as close as some fans believe. Here’s what we noticed.

Josiah and Lauren Duggar posted to Instagram for their daughter’s first birthday

Josiah and Lauren have an Instagram presence like many other Duggar family members. And they go through periods of posting often to not posting much at all. Lauren appears to be the one publishing most of the content on the couple’s Instagram, as she’s added her personal recipes, sponsorships, and plenty of photos and videos of her daughter, Bella.

Now that Bella’s a year old, Lauren added a few photos to the ‘gram to celebrate the happy day. “Happy first birthday Bella!” she captioned the photos. “Can’t believe we have a little 1-year-old! You are such a joy and gift to your daddy and I. You have one of the most contagious smiles and the sweetest, silliest, cutest personality. I am so blessed to be your mama! Love you, baby girl.”

The photos got plenty of praise from family and friends, too.

“So sweet! Happy birthday, Bella!!!” John and Abbie Duggar commented.

The Duggar Family Instagram didn’t create a post for Bella’s birthday

It’s typical of Jim Bob and Michelle to wish all of their kids, in-laws, and grandkids a very happy birthday on the Duggar Family Instagram. Jessa Duggar got the most recent shoutout on the page, and just days before that, it was Jim Bob and Michelle’s granddaughter, Addison, who got her own post.

Addison, Kendall and Joseph Duggar’s daughter, just turned a year old. And it seems they celebrated at Jim Bob and Michelle’s home. The Duggar Family Instagram posted a photo of the little girl to commemorate the occasion. “Happy 1st birthday to our precious granddaughter Addison!!” the joyful grandparents captioned the post.

As for Bella, she got a birthday shoutout, too — but it was posted on the Duggar Family Instagram Stories which deletes after 24 hours. It’s possible Jim Bob and Michelle only posted a photo of Addison’s party because it happened at their home. Even so, fans might wonder why Josiah and Lauren didn’t choose to celebrate with Bella’s grandparents. Instead, it seems they kept to themselves.

Critics think Josiah and Lauren might be stepping away from the Duggars

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It looks like Duggar family critics suspect Josiah and Lauren are going the way of Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard. Jill and Derick made it known they’re taking a serious step away from the rest of the Duggars. And it seems some think Lauren and Josiah have a good relationship with the couple and are headed in the same direction.

“I know there has been some speculation about their relationship with the Dillards,” a Reddit user noted. “Who knows, maybe they are taking a step back to re-evaluate their lifestyle and they’ve become happier as a result.”

“She did have Jill aid her at her birth,” another noted.

Others think Lauren looks genuinely happy here despite whatever may be going on (if anything) between her and Josiah’s family.

Another Reddit user commented, “… this is actually a really sweet picture and that baby smile is something else. Actually made me smile which is something that very rarely happens when I am thinking about the Duggars.”

Will we get more frequent life updates post-Bella’s birthday from Lauren and Josiah? We’re not sure, but we hope so!

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