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Those who follow the Duggar family have their favorites, and Jana Duggar is frequently cited as one of the most down-to-earth and likable of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s kids. Jana just turned 30 years old, and her Instagram followers and fans praise her for being picky when it comes to her future husband. With that said, this means she’s still living with her parents and helping out with taking care of her younger siblings who all live with her, too.

When we think of Jana, we think of a responsible young woman who likes home improvement projects and design. But the Duggar Family Instagram just painted a different picture. They described Jana as one of their “louder and more rambunctious” kids. Here’s what they wrote.

Jana Duggar is still living under Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s roof at 30 years old

Jana is smart, beautiful, and talented, and fans have long wondered why she’s still living with her parents. In the end, it all has to do with courtships and marriage. The Duggars live at home with Jim Bob and Michelle until they find the man or woman of their dreams and go through a very strict courtship. Then, once they’re wed, they can live on their own.

There have been a few exceptions to this rule (Jedidiah left the home prior to marriage since he’s pursuing a career in politics), but it seems to ring true for the Duggar women. Even so, Jana’s in no hurry to find Mr. Right.

“Jana doesn’t want to be like a lot of others that just go out and get married and end up in a relationship that is negative. … She’s content with whatever the Lord wants for her,” a source told Radar Online.

Others have theorized that Jim Bob and Michelle are actually hoping Jana doesn’t get married, as she’s a huge help around the home. Whatever the case may be, Jana doesn’t seem to mind her living situation. In fact, she added a photo of her parents’ property to Instagram in September 2019 with the caption, “Love this place I get to call home!”

The Duggar family claims she was once the ‘rambunctious’ child

Knowing how soft-spoken, mild-mannered, and calm Jana appears to be now, we can’t imagine she was ever wild. But it looks like Jim Bob and Michelle just exposed an aspect of Jana’s nature fans rarely see. They posted a “happy birthday” post of her and her twin, John-David, to Instagram, and they described her in a whole new light.

“While growing up, John was the mellow and quiet one usually hanging in the background, and Jana was our louder and more rambunctious child!” the Instagram post reads. “You two must have rubbed off on each other a bit over the years, because I can see how you’re each becoming more like the other!”

It seems some Duggar Family Instagram followers were confused by the comment, too.

“That’s funny because they both seem mellow. But then again, I don’t know them personally,” one fan commented.

Could she be more rebellious than fans think?

It’s possible Jana has a rebellious streak that we never see on Instagram and Counting On. Back in 2015, an alleged church insider took to Reddit to share what they knew about the Duggars during an ask-me-anything session, and they spilled some details about Jana’s true nature. The insider claimed Jana actually wanted to break free from the strict way she was raised and instead wanted to attend a university to study engineering. And, like Jinger, it seems Jana may have had some desire to move far away out of Arkansas.

It’s possible Jana’s unseen rebellious nature will resurface now that she’s 30. Fans continue to beg her to “live in the real world,” and she seemed to adore visiting Jinger in the big city of Los Angeles. Perhaps Jinger can help encourage Jana to go out on a limb now that a new decade is beginning, too. No matter what, there’s a lot about Jana we don’t know — and we’re excited to see what she does next.

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