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The Duggar family is planning a surprise courtship announcement on the Sept. 22 episode of Counting On, but it looks like the big reveal has already been spoiled. An upcoming trailer and a little bit of internet sleuthing have revealed that Justin Duggar is likely the Duggar boy who is courting. The announcement would be the only time a Duggar family member has announced a courtship before turning 18.

There is plenty of reason to believe Justin Duggar is courting

While the Duggar family has not revealed exactly who is courting just yet, there are plenty of clues that point to Justin as the family member who is seeing someone special. The trailer offers the first clue that Justin will be the next Duggar to marry if all goes well.

In the trailer for the upcoming episode, Justin appears to share some big news with his family during a Zoom call. While the actual reveal is being saved until the next episode, the excited expressions of his family leave very little to the imagination. The fact that Justin rarely appears on the family’s reality TV show, and has never had a storyline featured is the biggest clue that a courtship announcement is forthcoming.  

The trailer isn’t the only indication that Justin is dating someone, though. Reddit users did some digging and seemed to have located a Google account belonging to Justin. The account, which uses a fake name,  has left reviews for several Duggar family businesses. While the name might be fake, the profile picture featured Justin standing suspiciously close to a young woman until recently. The profile picture has since been changed.  

Justin will be the youngest member of the Duggar family to announce a courtship

Justin, at just 17, will be the youngest member of the Duggar family to announce a courtship so far. While the majority of the Duggar kids have waited until their 20s to announce a romance, there have been a couple of outliers.

Joy-Anna Duggar was still a teenager when she announced that she was dating Austin Forsyth. The pair wed just six months later. Joy was 19, and Austin was 23. Josiah Duggar was 18 when he entered into a courtship with Marjorie Jackson in 2015. The pair broke up after a few months of dating.

Fans might find themselves a bit disappointed by the big reveal

Family followers have spent months speculating about which Duggar would announce a courtship next. Most seemed to believe a Duggar son would be the next to walk down the aisle, but Justin’s name rarely made it into the discussion. There are also fans who had been holding out hope that Jana Duggar would be getting her happy ending. At 30, she is the eldest Duggar child still left at home. If Justin is, indeed, courting, an announcement from Jana like isn’t coming anytime soon. The family generally staggers their courtship announcements, so two are not going on at the same time.


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If Justin is the courting Duggar, fans might be disappointed. Justin is one of the lesser-known Duggar family members because of how little he has been featured on the show. Justin was just a toddler when the Duggars began working with TLC, but he was largely lost in a sea of boys born to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar between 1998 and 2004.