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Prince Harry returned to his royal duties this week, after a period of rest and relaxation away from the spotlight. There is a lot of expectation riding on Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, over the next few months.

The public is waiting to see what the controversial couple could do next. Still, it is unlikely that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan will actively court scandal, and might possibly be considering their next moves carefully.

According to a recent report, Prince Harry has learned one lesson from the only other royal who has had a worse year than himself: his uncle, Prince Andrew. The lesson could greatly impact the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in the coming year.

Prince Andrew’s mind-blowing scandal

Prince Andrew’s controversial friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein ended up getting him in seriously hot water in 2019. After Epstein’s death, which in itself proved to be controversial, the investigation into the Duke of York’s connections to him deepened.

Then, several women came out and accused Prince Andrew of inappropriate behavior, which caused many members of the public to question both his history and his personality.

The disgraced royal tried to defend himself in a much-talked-about interview, but he ended up coming off as even shadier, and the interview was slammed by royal experts and viewers alike. Ultimately, the interview led to his undoing, as immediately following the interview, he spoke out and said that he would be stepping down from his royal duties for the foreseeable future.

Currently, Prince Andrew is staying out of the spotlight and doesn’t make any more appearances on behalf of the royal family, although he is still expected to play a part in his daughter, Princess Beatrice’s upcoming wedding

Prince Harry had a difficult year

Prince Harry visits Croke Park.
Prince Harry | Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage

Prince Harry has always been one of the most beloved members of the royal family. The public loved his mischievous personality, signature red hair, and evident love of both children and animals.

However, all of that changed in the past year, when Prince Harry made a number of questionable decisions that have caused royal experts and other critics to believe that his “favorite” status is irrevocably damaged.

The royal earned criticism over his so-called hypocrisy surrounding environmental activism. Prince Harry has been a huge advocate of sustainability and has preached about it for years. But critics noted he didn’t show restraint in his actions: Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan flew via private jet on back-to-back trips. Private jets are notoriously bad for the environment.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex also made the decision to keep their son, Archie Harrison, well away from the public’s gaze for much of his infanthood. This drew ire from taxpayers, who partially fund the royal family’s lavish lifestyle.

In addition, Prince Harry and Markle have been dealing with the ongoing drama between Markle and her family, who have made a habit of slamming her to the press. 

Will Prince Harry tread more carefully in the future?

According to a recent report, Prince Harry has definitely taken Prince Andrew’s downfall to heart. In the news story, a royal expert claims that now, Prince Harry understands the importance of public opinion.

“One thing that Prince Andrew has shown Harry inadvertently is the fact that your popularity as a royal is not a given,” said the expert.

The expert also discussed Prince Harry’s tough past year, saying that: “He has to give something back to the public and in 2019 I think he’s tried that but they’ve got it wrong time and time again.”

In fact, the public’s trust and affection can easily be revoked, and since Prince Harry is on a slippery slope, he would do well to work carefully over the next few months and consider his actions very carefully. It will certainly be interesting to see what his first moves are when he reenters the spotlight.