‘The Equalizer’ Episode 4 Sneak Peek Trailer: Robyn McCall Investigates an Activist’s Murder

Robyn McCall is out to uncover the truth about the death of a community activist in a new episode of The Equalizer, airing Sunday, Feb. 28 on CBS. In the show’s fourth episode, Queen Latifah’s character discovers a connection between the activist’s apparent suicide and his protests over real estate development. 

Robyn McCall investigates a staged suicide in a new episode of ‘The Equalizer’ 

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In episode 4 of The Equalizer, titled “It Takes a Village,” McCall is called on to investigate the murder of activist Malcom King (Marcus Callender). King’s apparent suicide was actually staged, and as the ex-CIA agent looks into the case, she discovers a connection between his murder and his protests about local real estate development. 

In a sneak peek for the episode, her former handler William Bishop (Chris Noth) asks McCall why she cares so much about King’s murder. 

Queen Latifah as Robyn McCall in a green dress in The Equalizer
Queen Latifah as Robyn McCall in episode 4 of The Equalizer | Barbara Nitke/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

“Why is this so important to you? You don’t even know this Malcolm guy,” he says. 

McCall responds by asking him if he remembers Zurich. As she reminds Bishop, during her time in the CIA, he and McCall were involved in an extraction. She insisted on going back to rescue the ambassador’s son, despite the risks involved. “He would have got killed if we didn’t. I didn’t know him either, but it was the right thing to do,” she says. 

“I used to think you were a sucker for doing that,” Bishop replies, before agreeing to help McCall get to the bottom of who really killed King by going undercover at a black-tie event. 

Delilah gets a hands-on civics lesson  

Also in the upcoming episode, McCall’s daughter Delilah (Laya DeLeon Hayes) gets a real-life lesson in civics when she decides to try to get the city to deal with a pothole in the neighborhood. 

Delilah — who is taking driving lessons — blames the unrepaired street for her recent accident. “See, I told you, there are at least seven other accident claims about that pothole,” she tells her mother in the sneak peek

Queen Latifah as Robyn McCall talking to a group of three men in The Equalizer
Jayson Wesley as Kenya and Queen Latifah as Robyn McCall in episode 4 of The Equalizer | Barbara Nitke/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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McCall and Aunt Vi (Lorraine Toussaint) encourage Delilah to “do something about it” rather than just complaining about the pothole. But as seen in another teaser for the episode, it seems like the teenager gets a tough lesson in government indifference. She lands a meeting with the city manager. But he tells her there’s a list of “complaints a mile long” and to “get in line.” 

“It’s pointless,” the frustrated Delilah declares.  

The Equalizer Episode 4 airs Sunday, Feb. 28 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. Episodes are also available to stream on CBS All Access. 

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