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Anyone who follows BTS knows that the members love to betray each other during games. At this point, it is essentially second nature for the members to lie and try and outsmart each other while taking part in any competition. That is what makes Run BTS!, the band’s variety show, so appealing. The best moments of the show come from the members’ unscripted chaos and betrayals. While this is in no way a complete list, these are some of the funniest betrayals from the show.

BTS | Steven Ferdman/Getty Images for ESB

Episodes 47 and 48 of ‘Run BTS!’ were chaotic

In Episodes 47 and 48 of Run BTS!, the band members visited Korea Job World which posed as “BTS Village.” Each member had an assigned job like delivery man and mechanic, and as they acted in their roles they also tried to solve the mystery of which members were impostors from the Blue Village.

BTS spent the episodes searching for and deciphering clues. As the game went on, the seven BTS members began to throw each other under the bus. Accusations flew left and right while the impostors did their best to trick everyone else.

All of the members lied to each other in Episode 80 of ‘Run BTS!’

Episodes 79 and 80 of Run BTS! took place in a mall and the members participated in “007 Operation.” As with the funniest episodes of Run BTS!, it was every man for himself in a game with a grand prize. The members searched through the mall to collect cards, each with a different meaning. They then earned points by using the cards to play games.

As they searched for the cards, the members attempted to spy on one another, struck up alliances, and chased each other. In Episode 80 of Run BTS!, the members met after completing the game. During a hilarious sequence, each member lied about how many points they actually had. Each BTS member also thought they won, and a few minutes later it was revealed every single member lied about their points total.

V betrayed Jimin in Episode 87 and Episode 88

In Episode 87 and Episode 88 of Run BTS!, the group played an extreme game of hide-and-seek. Each member had a piece of paper taped to his back and was assigned another member to tag out of the game by placing stickers on their back. The members could not reveal who they were assigned to tag, and they had to try and secretly place the stickers on the pieces of paper without the other member noticing.

Jin was assigned V, RM was assigned Jungkook, V needed to tag out Jimin, Suga was assigned Jin, Jungkook’s assigned person was J-Hope, Jimin needed to tag out Suga, and J-Hope was assigned RM. From the moment the game began, utter chaos broke out.

Jimin tried to form an alliance with V, and V agreed. A few minutes later in Episode 87, he placed a sticker on Jimin’s back. Later in Episode 88, V stuck several stickers to Jimin’s back while he pretended to adjust the piece of paper. Ultimately, V won the game because Jimin never suspected V’s betrayal.


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Honorable Mention: ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’

BTS’s appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Jan. 28, 2020 was essentially Run BTS! but on late-night TV. During the episode, BTS played a game of hide-and-seek with Corden and Ashton Kutcher. The members of BTS hid throughout the studio, while Corden and Kutcher searched for them. The first person who found four members of BTS won.

During the game, audience members betrayed RM by showing Corden where RM was hiding. Then in return, RM betrayed Jungkook by giving away Jungkook’s disguise as a camera operator to Kutcher.