‘The Good Doctor’: A Major Shocker Will Change Everything for Shaun and Lea

There was unexpected news on The Good Doctor. We still can’t believe our ears. It looks like big changes are coming to the show. Here’s what happened last time on The Good Doctor.

Warning: This episode contains spoilers for The Good Doctor Season 4, Episode 11.

Lea is upset with Shaun for not supporting her

Paige Spara and Freddie Highmore on The Good Doctor | Jeff Weddell via Getty Images
Paige Spara and Freddie Highmore on The Good Doctor | Jeff Weddell via Getty Images

The Good Doctor Season 4, Episode 11 (titled “We’re All Crazy Sometimes”), opens with Shaun and Lea on their way to work. Shaun says Lea should get a raise for helping to save the company $1.75 million. However, Lea says you don’t get a raise every time you do something well at work.

All of a sudden, Lea starts yelling at someone a few feet away from them. Her car is being towed because she’s in the wrong spot. Shaun reveals to the man towing the car (his nickname is Tricky) that Lea is not parked in the right place. Tricky demands $250 (and later $350) if Lea wants her car back.

Later that day, Shaun comes to Lea’s office to tell her she’s late for their lunch date. Lea tells him she’s upset he didn’t back her up when her car was being towed, so she’s not having lunch with him. Shaun asks if she’s mad at him. “I turned to my boyfriend for support, and he hung me out to dry, so let’s just say I’m disappointed,” says Lea.

Shaun says he told the truth, but Lea tells him this isn’t about honesty. What she really wanted was for him to “have her back.” Shaun later comes to Lea and says he supports her. When he asks what she’s doing, he discovers she’s been spending most of her workday creating hundreds of Yelp accounts so she can trash Tricky online.

A shocker on ‘The Good Doctor’

Shaun tells his colleagues about Lea’s behavior. He says he’s uncomfortable with how she’s been trying to take Tricky down and ruin his business. He doesn’t want any part in what she has planned. Dr. Allen tells Shaun that if Lea’s doing anything he’s not comfortable with, he should take a step back. It’s best to do the right thing.

That night, Shaun and Lea stop by the towing place so they can get the car back. Tricky is back to his old tricks and starts increasing the price for getting the car back. Lea refuses to pay and says she will post negative reviews about him if he doesn’t return the car.

Shaun decides to go into the man’s office and pay the fine. He then motions for Lea to go to the car and start driving. Shaun only pays the minimum fine originally quoted and runs away before giving the man the rest of the fee.

When they return home, Shaun has a talk with Lea. She’s still excited about snagging the car and driving away, but Shaun has something to say. He tells her he paid the minimum fee because that was the right thing to do. Then he tells her she has been acting “crazy” for the last couple of days. Lea admits she has been different. She then drops a bomb—she’s pregnant.

The Good Doctor airs Mondays on ABC at 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

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