‘The Good Doctor’: Has Dr. Lim Found Love?

The Good Doctor’s Audrey Lim (Christina Chang) had an unexpected surprise when she went to Guatemala to help patients in need. She not only assisted with surgeries but also met a new love interest, Dr. Mateo Rendon Osma. Could this turn into a serious relationship?

Lim explores a relationship with Dr. Mateo on ‘The Good Doctor’

Christina Chang and Osvaldo Benavides
Christina Chang and Osvaldo Benavides | Jeff Weddell/ABC via Getty Images

Lim opens her heart again after meeting Dr. Mateo. At first, she wasn’t really looking to start a relationship. However, she became interested in Mateo over time. After their night of passion, things began to change between them.

During The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 20 (titled “Vamos”), Mateo says he thought their relationship was just going to be a fling. However, Lim keeps asking questions about his personal life. She wants to get to know him. Instead, he asks about her and what she’s hiding. He asked her why she feels compelled to go running early in the morning and why she has so many alarms going off. Initially, she ignored him when he inquired about her habits, but she decides to share what she has experienced.

Lim tells Mateo about her PTSD diagnosis. She also talks about losing Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez) and how hard it was to cope after losing so many patients to COVID-19. Mateo was hesitant to answer Lim’s questions because he didn’t want to get too involved. However, his hesitance to be vulnerable with Lim eventually melts away. He tells her about his brush with the law and how he chose to remain in Guatemala. He was arrested for marijuana possession years ago, and he argued with the police officers.

“I argued with them, and it got physical,” says Mateo. “When my court date came around, I skipped. And now there’s an active warrant for me in the states. That’s why I haven’t been back.”

Has Dr. Lim found love?

Right now, things look promising for Lim and Mateo. Although he is living in Guatemala, he expressed his desire to sort out his legal issues so he could come back to the United States. He wants to see where things go. He asks Lim if she would be interested in a visit, and she gives her approval.

Who plays Dr. Mateo on ‘The Good Doctor’?

Christina Chang and Osvaldo Benavides on 'The Good Doctor'
Christina Chang and Osvaldo Benavides on ‘The Good Doctor’ | Jeff Weddell/ABC via Getty Images

The actor who plays Dr. Mateo is Osvaldo Benavides. His character was first introduced during The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 19.  One of his early roles was in the television series El Abuelo Y Yo. He played the character Paco for five episodes. Benavides made his film debut in the 1998 movie La Primera Noche, in which he played the character Sergio. After this film, he went on to appear in the movie Dust to Dust. He played the character Rocco.

In 2011, Benavides joined the cast of The One Who Couldn’t Love. He played the role of Miguel Carmona for 152 episodes until the show ended in 2012. Benavides is also known for his roles in Monarca, The Beauty and the Beasts, The Perfect Dictatorship, and SubHysteria.

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