‘The Good Doctor’: Lim Will ‘Struggle to Figure Out Who She Is’ Says Showrunner

The Good Doctor Season 6 premiere took us on a wild ride. After Dr. Lim’s vicious attack, she’s left to pick up the pieces and move on with her life. Lim will have to decide who she’s going to be personally and professionally.

What happened last time on ‘The Good Doctor’

Christina Chang as Audrey Lim on The Good Doctor.
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The Good Doctor Season 6 premiere continues from the dramatic season 5 finale. Both Lim and nurse Villanueva have been stabbed and left for dead. After injuring a security guard and stealing his gun, nurse Villanueva’s ex takes Morgan, Asher, and a patient hostage. Dr. Andrews announces a code silver and the hospital goes into lockdown.

After Lim wakes up from her second surgery, she jokes that she will need to take a few personal days. Everything seems OK at first, but she realizes something is wrong when she has trouble moving her legs. Dr. Glassman tells her to press her foot against his hand. When she can’t, Shaun gives her the shocking news that she’s paralyzed.  

Dr. Lim returns to work

The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 2 (titled “Change of Perspective”) picks up with Lim’s return to work. Everyone welcomes her back with applause and she thanks Shaun for saving her life.

Unfortunately, things go downhill for Lim. She tries to perform a surgery, but she’s clearly having difficulty. When Dr. Andrews asks if she’s OK, she says she isn’t. “You’re never going to be the doctor you were, but you have no idea the doctor you’re going to become,” says Glassman.

Next, we see Lim going to physical therapy. Later, she’s crying in her car. It looks like it will be a tough road for Lim.

Lim will ‘struggle to figure out who she is’

Co-showrunner Liz Friedman tells TV Line that Lim will have to figure out what work will look like for her going forward. Her life changed in an instant and she must make adjustments so she can continue doing the work she loves.

“She is going to be continuing as a surgeon,” Friedman tells the publication. “The big question is whether or not she’s the same doctor as she was before. You’re going to see this character struggle to figure out who she is in a different physical reality.”

One question you might have is whether Lim is permanently paralyzed. So far, that question remains unanswered. Friedman doesn’t want to say at this point what the outcome will be for Lim.

“Her recovery is a part of future episodes, but I’m a little uneasy with the word ‘recovery,’ in the sense that recovery doesn’t necessarily mean a return to exactly who you were,” Friedman tells TV Line. “That is something that Lim is going to come to grips with. As to whether or not [her paralysis] is permanent, I don’t want to ruin the surprise.”

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