‘The Good Doctor’: Shaun and Lea’s Relationship Enters a New Phase

The Good Doctor’s Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) and Lea Dilallo (Paige Spara) have moved into a new phase in their relationship. They’ve recently weathered some serious storms that have changed things between them. Here’s what happened last time on The Good Doctor.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 18.]

Shaun struggles to accept the loss of his baby

Shaun and Lea are in a different place in their relationship on 'The Good Doctor'
Shaun and Lea are in a different place in their relationship on ‘The Good Doctor’ | Jeff Weddell/ABC via Getty Images

Shaun and Lea have been going through a tough time. During The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 16 (titled “Dr. Ted”), Shaun and Lea receive devastating news when they learn their baby is not going to survive the pregnancy. The loss takes a major toll on the couple.

In the following episode (titled “Letting Go”), Shaun tries to move past his grief by going to work. He believes that if he distracts himself with his hospital duties, he will be able to get over the loss. However, this turns out to be a bad idea. Shaun ruffles some feathers after misdiagnosing a patient and accusing a doctor of making a mistake during surgery. Dr. Andrews (Hill Harper) tells Shaun to go home.

Shaun and Lea go on a camping trip

During The Good Doctor Season 4 Episode 18 (titled “Forgive or Forget”), Shaun suggests that he and Lea go on a camping trip. They’re both having difficulty moving on with their lives. Shaun tells Lea that going away will give them something else to think about. This way they won’t have to stay home and feel sad.

“We’ve done nothing but work for three weeks and neither of us feels better,” says Shaun. Lea doesn’t think spending a weekend in the woods will help. She also says Shaun can barely sleep on the couch, so she doesn’t see how he will last in the woods.

“I agree. It’s going to be a challenge, but that’s the point,” says Shaun. He says going outside their comfort zones will provide the distraction they need.

Shaun is right about the camping trip being a distraction, but it’s not a good distraction. When Shaun and Lea arrive at the camp site, they’re turned away because they don’t have a reservation. As an alternative, they go to another site where groups of people are tailgating. There’s also a nearby camper that smells like gasoline.

Things go downhill during Shaun and Lea’s camping trip

Lea helps Shaun after his accident.
Lea helps Shaun after his accident. | Jeff Weddell/ABC via Getty Images

Once Shaun and Lea settle in, it starts raining. Making matters worse, their tent has a hole in it. Lea decides to sleep in the car while Shaun toughs it out. The next morning, Lea agrees to go on a hike with Shaun. Unfortunately, Shaun slips on a log and dislocates his foot, tearing an artery in the process.

Shaun in bad shape, so he asks Lea to perform surgery on his foot using his pocketknife, fish hook, a bottle of tequila, and supplies from a tent repair kit. Lea repairs Shaun’s foot and arranges for him to receive medical attention.

Once Shaun and Lea make it to the ambulance, the paramedic marvels at Lea’s ability to stabilize Shaun’s foot. Shaun says Lea is very good at fixing things. “You’re lucky,” says the paramedic.

Although Shaun and Lea went through a difficult loss, they grew stronger as a couple. This situation could have broken them, but this episode demonstrated they have what it takes to pull together when times get tough. Their trust was deepened and it’s clear they grew more in love.

“The rain, the drunks, the freezing-cold night alone in my car, and you almost losing your foot was definitely more of a distraction than I was hoping for,” Lea tells Shaun. “But I’m really glad you took me camping.”

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