‘The Good Doctor’: What We’re Hoping for in Season 6

The Good Doctor Season 6 is on the way. The team at St. Bonaventure has gone through a lot of change. Here’s what we hope will happen for Shaun and Lea, Park and Morgan, Glassman, and Lim this season.

We’re hoping Shaun and Lea’s marriage lasts

Freddie Highmore as Shaun Murphy, Paige Spara as Lea Dilallo, and Richard Schiff as Dr. Glassman.
Freddie Highmore, Paige Spara, and Richard Schiff | Jeff Weddell/ABC via Getty Images

It’s been a long road to the altar for Shaun and Lea. There was a time when it looked like the couple might not get married. At one point during season 5, Lea tried to improve Shaun’s patient satisfaction scores. She did this by deleting some of the surveys.

When Shaun discovered what Lea did, he was so upset that he told Lea he couldn’t marry her. Thankfully, they worked things out and continued their relationship.

Shaun and Lea were married during The Good Doctor Season 5 finale. They seemed happy to finally tie the knot. We hope this joy—and their marriage—lasts.

We hope Park and Morgan don’t break up

Fiona Gubelmann and Will Yun Lee as Morgan and Park on The Good Doctor.
Fiona Gubelmann ad Will Yun Lee | Jeff Weddell/ABC via Getty Images

Park and Morgan’s relationship is in an uncertain place. Morgan has been going on job interviews so that she can leverage a better offer from St. Bonaventure. However, she received a job offer from a New York hospital.

Morgan wants to take the job. “I want the job,” she tells Park. He simply responds by saying, “I understand.” Unless Park relocates with Morgan, accepting the job offer could spell trouble for the relationship.

“We are not going to lose her but that [decision] will have ramifications on their relationship, as you will see in the fall,” Executive Producer David Shore tells TV Line.

We hope Glassman finds love

Glassman seems sad and lonely ever since his marriage ended. Although Glassman is happy for Shaun and Lea, their wedding day reminds him of his own love life. You could see in his face that he was feeling down about his marriage crumbling. Hopefully, Glassman will either reunite with his ex or find a new love.

We’re hoping Dr. Lim won’t die

Lim decided to help an employee in need, but it turned out to be one of the worst decisions of her life. After Nurse Villanueva revealed she is in an abusive relationship, Lim offered to let her stay in her home.

Villanueva tried to move on with her life, but her ex-boyfriend, Owen, just couldn’t let her go. He kept sending flowers to the hospital, hoping to win her back. Villanueva eventually took out a restraining order against him.

This causes Owen to become very angry. He went to St. Bonaventure and stabbed Villanueva. Unfortunately, when Lim discovered her, Owen was still there. He ended up stabbing her, too. Hopefully, this won’t be the end for Lim. We’re still reeling from Melendez’s death.

What to expect during ‘The Good Doctor’ Season 6

Shaun will have to deal with a lot of change this season. He will have more responsibility as an attending physician. He will also have to balance his new job responsibilities with married life.

“You will see very early into Season 6 the responsibility [Shaun takes on now],” says Shore during his TV Line interview. “He has shown that he can lead a surgery, but that’s a technical thing. There are emotional things that go with that, and interpersonal things that go with that, that are more challenging when there’s not somebody standing behind him [to make] the ultimate decision.”

Shore says Shaun will learn that his new role will require more of him than before. “Being an attending is different than being a senior resident in ways that Shaun didn’t necessarily anticipate,” says Shore. “His role as a supervisor will challenge him right away. And, of course, he’s married. That’s different, too.”

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