‘The Good Doctor’: Who Plays Lea on the Show?

The Good Doctor has characters we love to hate. One of those characters is Lea Dilallo. Who is the actress who plays Shaun’s love interest? Here’s everything Showbiz Cheat Sheet knows about Paige Spara, he actress who plays Lea.

Lea Dilallo and Shaun Murphy

Paige Spara and Freddie Highmore on 'The Good Doctor.' | Eike Schroter/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images
Paige Spara and Freddie Highmore on ‘The Good Doctor.’ | Eike Schroter/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

On The Good Doctor, Lea and Shaun have a complicated relationship. They first meet during season 1, episode 3 when Lea knocks on Shaun’s apartment door and asks to borrow batteries. They develop a friendly relationship and grow close over the years. Shaun used to date his co-worker Carly, but things were always difficult with them. Shaun has a thing for Lea, so Carly swallows her pride and sets him free so he can shoot his shot. There’s just one problem. Lea isn’t interested in Shaun romantically.

When Shaun confesses his true feelings for Lea, things quickly go downhill. Lea gives him a billion reasons why she doesn’t want to be with him, but Shaun keeps pushing. This eventually leads to Shaun having a meltdown and Lea becoming a mean girl. Fast forward to the season 3 finale and Lea is confessing her love for Shaun and practically asking him to marry her and give her babies.  

Paige Spara’s movies and TV shows

Paige Spara made her acting debut in a 2010 short film titled Prospect Street. In 2015, she joined the cast of Kevin from Work. She played the role of Audrey for 10 episodes. Spara made her film debut in the 2017 movie Home Again, in which she played a bartender. That same year, she began playing the role of Lea Dilallo on The Good Doctor.

Paige Spara’s thoughts on Shaun and Lea

Freddie Highmore with Paige Spara | David Bukach via Getty Images
Freddie Highmore with Paige Spara | David Bukach via Getty Images

During an interview with iHollywoodTV about The Good Doctor Season 2, Spara talks about Lea and Shaun’s early relationship. She says it’s good for two people to have a healthy friendship. Spara believes that’s what Lea and Shaun initially had.

“I think you can flourish in a healthy friendship relationship, and I think she really found that with Shaun,” Spara tells iHollywoodTV. “And I think seeing him being so literal and matter of fact and confident in his opinions and his views, I really think she found inspiration from him and their friendship. So, I think she took a chance.”

What’s next for Shaun and Lea

It’s not clear if Shaun and Lea will begin dating or if they were just caught up in the moment during the season finale. However, from the looks of that passionate kiss, it seems like they might try to take their friendship to a romantic level.

Lea finally declares her love for Shaun and tells him how “stupid” she has been for not seeing the love of her life right in front of her eyes. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens between these two. We don’t think Shaun and Lea’s relationship will last, but you never know.

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