The Greatest Marriage Advice Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith Ever Received Came From This Legendary Actor

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have been married for more than two decades, and like most couples, they too have had their fair share of ups and downs.

Over the years, the pair has been open and honest about their journey as “life partners” and haven’t shied away from opportunities to talk about how they’ve overcome difficulties in their relationship.

While several people are to thank for helping the Smiths continue to be one of Hollywood’s most beloved couples, there’s one person who’s responsible for helping them rediscover joy within their union and giving the pair some of the greatest marriage advice they’ve heard to date.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith
Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s marriage has had many ups and downs

Will and Jada’s love story began in the early ’90s, when they first met on the set of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Though there was an instant attraction between, Smith had gone on to date Sheree Fletcher instead and eventually married her. Shortly after tying the knot in 1994, Smith and Fletcher welcomed their son, Trey.

By 1995, Smith and Pinkett had found their way back to each other and started dating after the Bad Boys star divorced from Fletcher.

Jada and Will Smith
Jada Pinkett and Will Smith| Charles W. Bush/The LIFE Images Collection via Getty Images/Getty Images)

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Though there was a lot of love between them, Pinkett initially didn’t want to get married. But in 1997, she and Smith tied the knot on New Year’s Eve after learning that they were expecting their first child together.

In 1998, the couple’s son, Jaden, was born, and a few years later, they welcomed their daughter, Willow, into the world.

Since then, Smith and Pinkett have maintained a strong relationship and have continued to keep the love flowing between them, despite the many struggles they’ve faced over the years.

From open marriage rumors to infidelity, the couple has hit a few speed bumps throughout their relationship. But despite marriage proving to be difficult for Will and Jada, they continue to put up a united front and do whatever they can to keep their union intact.

Pinkett Smith credits three women for helping navigate through her relationship struggles

Though the Smiths have navigated through marital issues together, their relationship likely wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for three special people who helped save their union.

In 2019, Pinkett Smith revealed that while going through a tough time in her marriage, she had turned to fellow celebrities Salma Hayek, Pauletta Washington, and Ruby Dee, who helped her realize that hitting roadblocks in a marriage is completely normal.

“When I was going through a really tough time in my life, there were three women, three friends, who were so honest with me – I mean so honest with me, saying some stuff you would never expect anyone to say – that they re-directed my journey,” Pinkett Smith told The Guardian. “But it wasn’t necessarily advice, it was that they were willing to spend time with me and share.”

Smith says this one woman gave him and Pinkett the greatest marriage advice

While Pinkett Smith credits all three women for lending a hand during that difficult time in her life, the Aladdin actor previously acknowledged Dee for helping them overcome their marital struggles.

During a 2018 interview on the Rap Radar Podcast, Smith revealed that he had learned a thing or two about marriage from the late actor.

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Not only did the legendary star help him and Pinkett Smith rediscover joy within themselves, but she had also provided the couple with the best martial advice they have ever received when it comes to love.

“Ruby Dee died a few years ago. Her and [her late husband] Ozzie Davis had been together for 50 years. Me and Jada [were] struggling hard, so we went to go talk to Ruby Dee,” Smith began. “So Ruby turns to Jada and she says, ‘how long you known him?’ At the time it’d been 17 years so she said, ‘I’ve known him for 17 years.’ Ruby said, ’17 years? Sh*t, you don’t even know him yet.’ [Ruby] said, ‘just relax.’ And that was her whole advice, you don’t even know him yet. And it’s like the idea that [after] 17 years, you don’t even know him yet? That is so deeply true.”