‘The Handmaid’s Tale’: Sydney Sweeney Couldn’t See Max Minghella in the Wedding Scene

It’s been years since Sydney Sweeney starred in The Handmaid’s Tale. However, as she has gotten more popular, more people are starting to recognize that she is the actor responsible for bringing Eden Blaine to life. In the sophomore season of the hit HBO show, the Euphoria actor starred opposite Max Minghella and portrayed his character’s 15-year-old child bride.

The Handmaid's Tale actors Sydney Sweeney and Max Minghella
‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ actors Sydney Sweeney and Max Minghella | Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Hulu

Sydney Sweeney’s character, Eden, had a wild journey on ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

Eden’s journey on The Handmaid’s Tale is certainly a tumultuous one. She starts out as a true believer of Gilead but eventually pays the ultimate price for true love. There are plenty of bone-chilling scenes that involve Sweeney’s character. However, fans likely won’t soon forget the infamous wedding scene from episode 5 of season 2. This occurs when Eden (and several other young girls) are presented to Nick (and other “guardians” of Gilead) as child brides.

Why the wedding scene in season 2 is so eerie

There are so many things that make the aforementioned wedding scene in The Handmaid’s Tale particularly harrowing. The fact that the young girls are presented to men they’ve never met as “rewards” and the fact Serena Joy seems to take pleasure out of June’s pain are standouts in the scene. However, the scene is also visually visceral also. It’s hardly a coincidence that the brides are dressed head to toe in all white to represent their purity.

But while the scene may be challenging for fans of The Handmaid’s Tale to watch, Sweeney revealed that there was a lot more levity when she shot the scene. The costume that The Players Table producer was wearing during the scene made things a little more humorous. In fact, Sweeney revealed that she couldn’t even see her scene partner, Minghella, while filming the scene.

Sweeney admits that she couldn’t see when she was filming the wedding scene

“I can’t see anything,” Sweeney revealed about her wedding scene in The Handmaid’s Tale while speaking to Vanity Fair. “So half the time I’m bumping into people, or I’m quietly whispering, ‘Nick, where are you? Nick, Nick, where are you?!'”

Sweeney became good friends with her co-star, Max Minghella, while filming ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

Clearly, Sweeney being unable to see helped bring a little lightness to an otherwise dark scene. Interestingly enough, The White Lotus actor shared that when the cameras weren’t rolling, life on set of The Handmaid’s Tale was fun and lighthearted. The cast and crew would swap funny stories from their lives and discuss frivolous reality TV shows like The Bachelor. Sweeney admits that she developed a great friendship with Minghella since she worked with him the most.


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“Max is so great to work with because we came such good friends that it like was hanging out on set and goofing off and listening to Taylor Swift,” Sweeney recalled to The Hollywood Reporter. Continuing on, The Handmaid’s Tale alum shared that the intense subject matter of the show didn’t stop the cast and crew from having a good time. “We listen to Taylor Swift and joke around, and it’s a lot of fun,” she added. “It is completely different than when you’re actually in the scene.”