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Dr. Jan Pol‘s Nat Geo Wild hit reality show The Incredible Dr. Pol has been on the network since 2011. The veteran veterinarian obviously knows his animals, as fans have witnessed on his program’s episodes.

Recently, he schooled a New York City TV station on a species well-known in the urban setting: the city pigeon. And what he had to say was fascinating.

'The Incredible Dr. Pol's Dr. Jan Pol and his wife Diane Pol
‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’s Dr. Jan Pol and his wife Diane Pol | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Dr. Pol is celebrating 50 years of veterinary practice

The Michigan-based veterinarian guesses that throughout his five-decade career, he’s treated an astonishing number of animals.

“I have spent my whole life being with animals, as a vet and as an owner,” he wrote in his memoir Never Turn Your Back on an Angus Cow. “Until they start inventing new animals, I think I can say there isn’t a type of animal I haven’t looked in the eyes and wondered how it was feeling. My wife, Diane, and I once estimated that I’ve handled more than a half-million patients, without one of them ever complaining about me!”

Born in the Netherlands, Dr. Pol refers to himself as a “hands-on veterinarian, an old-style vet.” Which is what his fans love about him: “I look at the animal; I put my hands on the animal and I listen to what the animal is telling me. I’ve treated just about every type of creature you can imagine, from a white mouse to a 2600-pound horse, and I’ve discovered that the longer I have been in practice, the smarter the animals have gotten!”

Dr. Pol on why New York City pigeons’ nests aren’t seen and it’s rare to see a baby pigeon

Appearing recently on local station WPIX-TV in New York City, Dr. Pol explained in the station’s segment titled “I Wanna Know” why New Yorkers don’t normally see pigeons’ nests or young pigeons.

“They are smart,” he said. “They have survived through all these ages and put nests where people can’t reach them. And yes, there are many people that have homing pigeons and everything, and those are fantastic birds.”

The vet added that he and his wife Diane have kept pigeons as pets and said the birds are “not as tame as parrots, but you can talk to them.”

Dr. Pol was also asked to clear up the mystery regarding whether or not birds urinate. “No, birds don’t pee,” he said. “Humans produce urea, while birds produce uric acid, which is that white stuff that you see on their feces. So, it’s solid, it’s not liquid. They poop and pee at the same time. It all comes out of the same hole.”

The new season of ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’ debuts in July

In a recent Facebook Live announcement, Dr. Pol’s son Charles, who is also an executive producer on the reality show, pulled the curtain back on the premiere date for the show’s nineteenth season.

Before anything else, the younger Pol first confirmed the status of one of his father’s most popular and senior vets on staff: Dr. Brenda.


‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’: Here’s Why Dr. Jan Pol Won’t Watch His Own Show

“Dr. Brenda is not leaving the show,” he said. “The new season of The Incredible Dr. Pol premieres July 10th at 9:00PM on Nat Geo Wild. We really appreciate it, and again, Dr. Brenda’s not leaving. Dr. Brenda’s not leaving, N-O-T, take it to the bank.”

‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’s 19th season debuts on Nat Geo Wild July 10th at 9:00PM EST