‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’ Exec Producer Charles Pol and Wife Beth Welcome Their New Baby

The Incredible Dr. Pol star Dr. Jan Pol’s family has just gotten a teeny bit bigger. Son Charles Pol and his wife Beth have just welcomed a baby boy, whom they have named Silas. The couple is parents as well to toddler Abigail, almost 2, who was born to them in 2019.

The Pol family: Charles Pol, Diane Pol, and Dr. Jan Pol of 'The Incredible Dr. Pol'
The Pol family: Charles Pol, Diane Pol, and Dr. Jan Pol of ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’ | Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Charles and Beth Pol welcome their new child

Charles and Beth Pol happily announced the news of their growing family.

“Every child is a blessing and we’re delighted to welcome a son, Silas, to our little family,” the couple told People. “We would like to thank everyone, most especially our parents, for their love and support. We’re excited to continue this adventure called parenthood, even though it means a few more sleepless nights and a lot more work!”

As for Dr. Pol, the Michigan veterinarian told the outlet, “We’re very excited about the arrival of Silas. It’s always wonderful to welcome another grandchild, and we’re looking forward to many happy experiences with him!”

The family had expected Silas on Independence Day

Charles, who is an executive producer on the show, chatted during a recent Facebook Live segment about The Incredible Dr. Pol‘s new season, which began on July 10. “There’ll be new episodes every Saturday,” he said of the show’s current 19th season.

He also made it clear that one of Dr. Pol’s most popular and senior vets isn’t going anywhere: “Dr. Brenda is not leaving the show. The new season of The Incredible Dr. Pol premieres July 10th at 9 p.m. on Nat Geo Wild. We really appreciate it, and again, Dr. Brenda’s not leaving. Dr. Brenda’s not leaving, N-O-T, take it to the bank.”

Heavy on Charles’ mind at the time as well was the wait for his and Beth’s second baby. “We’ve been really busy here,” he added. “Getting ready to have another baby, so that’s something we’re looking forward to. This Fourth of July weekend is possibly delivering a new baby.” It’s not clear what Silas’ actual birthdate was, but mother and baby are doing well.

Abigail was welcomed in 2019

Married in 2018, Charles and Beth’s almost 2-year-old daughter Abigail arrived a year later. Dr. Pol at that time tweeted a joyful message: “Welcome to the world, Abigail Pol! Congratulations Charles & Beth!”

During one of Charles’ post-Dr. Pol YouTube shows, Recheck, which had been airing after each new episode of the Nat Geo Wild hit, he told his father in 2020 that Abigail seemed to favor one species of animal over others.

“I think that there are definitely cat people in the world, and dog people in the world,” Charles began. “You know, I love my cats, but I’d have to say I’m a dog person. I have a surprise for you. I think baby Abigail might be a cat person.”

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