‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’: What Is Dr. Emily Doing Now?

Dr. Emily Thomas was part of Pol Veterinary Services animal clinic – and The Incredible Dr. Pol – until last year.

Dr. Jan Pol of 'The Incredible Dr. Pol'
Dr. Jan Pol of ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’ | Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

As one of The Incredible Dr. Pol‘s fan favorite staff veterinarians, it came as a shock when she left the reality show and the clinic.

Find out what the 35-year-old veterinarian and her family are doing these days.

She posts routinely on social media

The working mother of three still posts regularly on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. She built up quite a following of fans in her four years on The Incredible Dr. Pol and likes to update animal lovers on her family and professional life.

She humorously posted on Instagram recently about her use of doll hair to achieve a certain look.

Her Instagram post said, “Mommy hack: use dolls with different color hair to see what you’d look like with dyed hair – #bonus you can already see what you’d look like with #bedhead and #acreepyfaceonyourhead”

She also keeps a regular and entertaining blog

Dr. Emily started her blog, This Little Light, in 2019 and talks about everything from meeting her husband, Tony, of thirteen years, to their marital struggles, to the veterinary life.

Tony sometimes guest posts on the blog and did so this week to share about something nearly everyone in the nation can commiserate with: coronavirus (COVID-19).

“We went to Target today to do a little supply stocking,” he said on Dr. Emily’s blog. “While there I saw a person wipe down a shopping cart with Lysol wipes. My first reaction was to think that wiping down a cart was overkill, but I quickly changed my mind. I have no idea what ‘overkill’ is these days.”

“. . . that is the real problem with COVID-19 in my opinion. I really have no idea if we are over prepared or grossly under prepared. . . The idea of ‘Just wash your hands’ doesn’t jive with people fighting in stores over the last roll of toilet paper.”

What Dr. Emily is doing now

Tony and Dr. Emily moved to Virginia, where she is now working at a veterinary practice with what sounds like saner hours than what she’d been working at Dr. Pol’s practice.

Unfortunately, it does seem that Dr. Emily had to get a second job to continue mortgage payments on the couple’s home back in Michigan. They’d hoped to have it sold before they moved but it seems to not have happened yet. Again, Tony provided a guest post on the blog, noting some of the similarities between the practice they are both working at and Dr. Pol’s.

“Not only are we enjoying all the outdoor activities Virginia has to offer us,” Tony writes on the blog, “[w]e are both enjoying our new jobs. We work together at the same veterinary clinic.”

“Emily is one of nine doctors working there (the clinic has two locations.) And, she is not nearly as stressed or over stretched as she was in Michigan. The pace of our new clinic is much more manageable.”

Tony noted an adorable black office cat who resembles Dr. Pol’s black cat amputee, Tater, a great deal.

“. . .To top it off, there’s also a black clinic cat named Dan. He and Tater (the Pol Vet clinic cat) are both amputees, although Tater is missing a leg and Dan is only missing half a tail.”

“[Emily] misses her cows and especially her calvings and foalings. Instead of doing a little bit of everything like I did at Pol Vet, I, for the most part, work as a doctor’s assistant. I’m assigned one doctor to help throughout the day. In general, things are really good for Emily and me at work right now.”

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